Three Reasons to Use Credit Cards as Business Cashflow Tools

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This blogpost explores the top three reasons why companies should be using their credit cards as cash flow tools for their business, and how they can be putting business expenses such as rent, payroll and supplier invoices on credit cards. Credit cards have a special place in our hearts, as well as our wallets. The average Singaporean owns between 4 …

employee morale

10 Steps to boost employee morale at your firm

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Employee morale ebbs and flows in most organisations. That’s especially so for professions like accounting – where things are often deadline-driven. Find out the 10 positive actions to take to boost employee morale in your firm. Click here to find out   About Xero: Xero is the Title Sponsor of the Accounting & Finance Show, taking place in Singapore between …


Cut through the data: key metrics you should be measuring for your SaaS business

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You sit at your desk, hot coffee in hand, and begin your day by checking in on your business. You eagerly log in to your analytics tool to figure out how close you are to reaching your business goals. The screen loads with all the data, and you think to yourself, ‘All I have is a simple, straightforward question: how …

Managing cross border finance in the cloud

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A key topic at the Accounting & Finance Show in October will be cross-border business, and how technology can support your international growth. One of our speakers on this topic will be Kawee Chong who successfully launched his products into the China market and will be sharing his experience as an example of how to manage your cross border finance …

Your Year-End Accounting Checklist

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THIS ARTICLE IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY GPAYROLL, AND ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE GPAYROLL BLOG. The year end is undoubtedly a busy time for many. For some, it marks the start of the festive season. For the others, it marks the end of yet another financial year. In the HR department, the busy period here definitely does not mean …

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Comprehensive Guide to Short Term Cash Flow Fixes for Businesses

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Almost 50 per cent of small businesses fail within the first five years, and a primary reason is the lack of sufficient capital. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are historically vulnerable, many only one disaster away from closing their doors forever. Because their cash reserves are not as deep as enterprise-sized companies, SMEs often don’t have the financial means to …

forward thinking

How to build a forward-thinking practice

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How can accounting and bookkeeping firms stay relevant and competitive in this era of change? Pop in for a quick read for 4 top tips provided by Xero’s Gold partner, Logiframe, to build a forward-thinking, technology-enabled practice.   Find out the tips here   About Xero: Xero is the Title Sponsor of the Accounting & Finance Show, taking place in …