What’s Your Spend Management Costing You?

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THIS ARTICLE IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY SAP CONCUR, AND ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE SAP CONCUR BLOG. You’ve hit your spending limit. Using manual, paper-based, and outdated systems to track expenses is costing your organization money and your own employees sanity. With employees spending more money across more channels than ever before, the difficulty of keeping track of spend …

Simple steps to streamline international receivables

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THIS ARTICLE IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY TRANSFERMATE, AND ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE TRANSFERMATE BLOG. As the business world continues to shrink and more deal are transacted across borders, more and more businesses have to learn how to send a receive payments internationally. While it may seem easy just to use your current banking system, it could also put …

Successful User Adoption of Your eProcurement System

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Help! My employees are not using my eProcurement system. Despite the potential benefits and growing demand for eProcurement software, user adoption rates remain sluggish at best. With nearly 90% of companies placing internal employee satisfaction as the top priority in their eProcurement initiatives reported by Hackett Group, end-user resistance poses as one of the biggest barriers in realizing the true …

Hear Why SAP Concur is a G2 T&E Leader for Summer 2019

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THIS ARTICLE IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY SAP CONCUR, AND ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE SAP CONCUR BLOG. We wanted to share some exciting news: SAP Concur has been named a G2 leader for summer 2019!  Our users have spoken (more than 4,000 of them!) and they have ranked us #1 in the Expense Management, Travel and Expense and  Travel Management categories. “SAP Concur earned …


The accounting profession: on the cusp of a technological revolution

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Accounting professionals need lifelong learning to keep pace with evolving business needs. Data and analytics will be the critical skills for practitioners to stay ahead of the curve. ACCOUNTING is experiencing more disruption than ever before. Manual or repetitive tasks will be replaced by automation, robotics and machine learning in the near future. However, this does not mean that the …

Singapore stands tall as beacon for rattled Hong Kong businesses

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BY SATISH BAKHDA There is no secret of the tumultuous times in Hong Kong right now. Almost one third of the Hong Kong population has protested in the streets, fighting against the proposed Chinese extradition bill. Tear gas, arrests, and injuries, as well as the constant fear of an escalating Chinese crackdown looms large. That sort of chaos seems unfathomable …

A Behind-the-Scene Guide into Invoice Digitization

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THIS ARTICLE IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY INNOVO42, AND ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE INNOVO42 BLOG. Sending invoices, categorizing them, and filing or claiming taxes — these are all inevitable tasks of any Accounts Payable or Accounting department. And although one of the big topics in finance is digital transformation, such paper-based processes, particularly when it comes to invoice handling, are outdated, …


Choosing the Right ERP Software for your business

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There is widespread adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems among many businesses today. The Aberdeen Group estimates that 96% of growing companies who excel in their respective industries rely on an ERP system. Want to know why? It’s simple. Increased productivity. ERP systems, cloud-based ones especially, enable business owners to streamline their business and financial functions, increase the productivity …


Jedox whitepaper – 8 Challenges in Planning & Budgeting in Excel

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Enhance Your Excel Experience with Jedox For as long as most finance professionals can remember, Excel has been the gold standard. But is it still enough? Although Excel is a great tool which offers numerous features that provide a lot of functionality, it still has budgeting, planning, and forecasting limitations that deny users the growth and capabilities now available to …