Paperless procurement: Peace of mind for Finance Managers

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“Every month, when we process invoices for payments, we receive many incomplete submissions. The worst part is, when you ask where the Purchase Order is, they just say they can’t find it – it’s lost!” This was but one of the many complaints we heard when we were speaking to the Finance Executive of an SME. Even though they had recently upgraded …

How Analytics makes you a more effective CFO

Interview: How Analytics Makes You a More Effective CFO?

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Increased competition, fast-moving trends and volatile markets have made it harder for companies to forecast demand and identify growth opportunities. One way to solve this challenge is through the use of analytics which provides organizations a single version of truth on the health of the business, capture trends and predict potential outcomes – capabilities that will undoubtedly help corporate leaders …

Choosing business software for you and your clients

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Leverage on the ever-progressing technology scene to present the best software solution for your clients. Issac Liu, CEO of the digitally savvy advisory firm U Ventures, will be speaking at the Accounting & Finance Show Asia to guide you through how to choose business software for yourself and your clients. We caught up with him to find out to hear …

Why all coys need an erp

Download whitepaper: Why companies need an Enterprise System and how to implement it

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With a slew of government grants, SME centres, trade associations and chambers to help companies “go digital”, there is still the general sentiment that many find technology too difficult to implement, adopt and embed into their business. This white paper explores the challenges companies are currently facing with technology and what we believe is the fundamental first step for any …

What are the key components of an effective Inbound Marketing strategy?

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In this blog, Bob Dearsley – chief executive of The B2B Marketing Lab – explains why finance teams need to understand and build their knowledge of Inbound Marketing, as well as the key components involved in a standard Inbound Marketing campaign. Why finance teams need to build their knowledge of Inbound Marketing Historically, finance was always seen as a back-office, …

Download case studies: Accounts payable automation stories with awe-inspiring results

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Every business wants to cut costs, improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantages, right? Right. Yet for decades, few understand the strategic value that could be achieved by modernizing “second tier” business functions, specifically, accounts payable (AP). But times are changing. More organizations are waking up to the potential benefits of AP invoicing automation solutions. Instead of dealing with the errors, slowdowns …

ERP analytics for the Finance Function

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Just Analytics specializes in using data and advanced analytics techniques to get the most value out of your transaction data. Using pre-built models on ERP data, Just Analytics help decision makers access timely and accurate information and to better identify business opportunities for revenue growth. Just Analytics’ expertise to implement solutions has been recognized by CIO Bulletin. With more innovation …

Automating your accounting process

Download whitepaper: Automating your accounting process

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Accounting, remittance processing and accounts payables and receivables are critical to any organization’s financial well-being. Manual data entry of invoices is a tedious, inefficient, expensive, labor intensive and often error-prone process. Slow and mistake-laden document processing lengthens the payment cycle, reduces staff productivity, adds late payment penalties, and causes missed early payment discounts; it can also be difficult to track …

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How to retain clients in an increasingly digital world

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As you move to more digital ways of working, it’s key to ensure your client relationships don’t suffer. Mahesh’s session at the Accounting & Finance Show Asia will guide you through key behavioural leadership principles to ensure you don’t lose the personal touch in today’s high tech world. We spoke with Mahesh to reveal some of the key areas his …