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Shared Inboxes: Common pitfalls and their cure

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Inboxes – Sometimes it seems like you can never make it through reading all the emails you get in your personal inbox. Moreover, that is just your personal inbox. Now think about a shared inbox in your department. Many organizations rely on that to provide customer service, receive invoices and orders, respond to inquiries, etc. With customers, vendors, prospects fielding …

GST treatment of virtual currencies

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Recently, a growing number of online merchants are willing to accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin as a form of payment. As the adoption of virtual currencies for purchases are expected to grow, it is necessary to understand the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implications arising from the use of this method of transaction. To better understand the nature of …

The cloud & cybersecurity: Making sure your data is protected

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In a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, it’s important to ensure your data in the cloud is protected. We have invited Cecil Su, a technology risk advisory director for BDO Advisory Pte Ltd to speak at the Accounting & Finance Show to share with you how to make sure your data is protected. Ahead of his session, we asked Cecil to …


The Digital Transformation of Procurement: A Primer for SMEs

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Now that most organisations have already gone digital for their core accounting and HR functions, it’s likely you’re looking for the next business function to digitise and automate. So, what’s next? With today’s technology, procurement is a key area that is ripe for transformation. Why Procurement Now? 1. Procurement is Process and Interaction Driven, which could be Manually Taxing As …


How Regulators could become Blockchain Innovators

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As companies seek to integrate the distributed ledger technology into their business models, uncertainty about the regulatory landscape is seen as a major stumbling block. Gianluca Massini Rosati, CEO of Xriba (a protocol and AI application to record accounts in the blockchain) writes about regulatory complexity and the way he sees it progressing forwards. Most of the regulators across the globe are now engaging …

How digital investments can create strategic value for organisations

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Article by Sanjay Sachdev, Partner, Grant Thornton Thailand, who will be speaking on Day 2 of the Accounting & Finance Show Asia (16-17 October) at 13:00 in the Future Finance theatre on the topic of how CFOs can own & drive big data & analytics. The reluctance is understandable. Your business has showed good signs of health for years (or …

Practice Ignition

Download case study on how to eliminate 100% of your debtors

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Dom Papaluca, the Director at Rise Business Solutions, had a problem with cash flow. Whenever his team of accountants took on a client project, they would do the work upfront and send the invoice afterwards. The problem? This billing process meant that by the time the project was complete, clients could sometimes take weeks, or even months to pay—and in …

P2P Automation

Download ebook: How P2P Automation Improves Supplier Relationships

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It’s no secret – relationships take work. In addition, relationships with your suppliers are no different. Just as you spend time developing, nurturing and improving the relationships you have with customers, having healthy supplier relationships can be just as beneficial. How Supplier Relationships Influence Your Company Suppliers have reasonable expectations – be easy to do business with, pay on time …

Why it’s important for finance teams to have a strong understanding of digital marketing and media

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In this blog, Bob Dearsley, chief executive of The B2B Marketing Lab, explains why finance departments need to have a strong understanding of digital marketing and media, as well as why they are integral to the planning of marketing campaigns and the strategy behind them. In most businesses, the finance department is often thought of as a siloed back-office team, …

How to plan a digital marketing strategy for accounting firms

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For accounting firms, getting their digital marketing strategy right is easier said than done. Many think having a website and blasting their prospects and clients’ inbox with emails is enough. But this “me-too” approach makes it even harder for them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and as a result, prospects are even more confused about who to hire. But …