Running an efficient practice in the new digital world

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The current rapidly changing disruptive digital economy has caused companies across all industries to rethink their business models going forward. The accounting profession is not spared. In fact, according to Forbes in its publication on 22 January 2018: “By 2020, not only accounting tasks – but also tax, payroll and audit will be fully automated using AI-based technologies, which will …


Regulatory roundup: China to make it easier for corporates to buy back shares

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The latest regulation news from Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Vietnam. MAS responds to large exposure feedback The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published its response to feedback received on proposed revisions to the regulatory framework for large exposures among Singapore-incorporated banks. Based on feedback received, MAS has extended the implementation date for revisions to the large exposures framework …

Artificial Intelligence and the Accountant’s Role

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Brad Golchin, Founder of the New Zealand Accounting Firm Wise Advice Limited and speaker at the upcoming Accounting & Finance Show Asia shares his views on the Accountant’s role when it comes to Artificial Intelligence: The public perception that accountants are desk-bound, nerdy, bean counters is set to fly out the window in the next decade as technology revolutionizes the …


Security is everyone’s responsibility

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As most businesses take advantage of the opportunities presented by the internet these days, it is critical that online security becomes a priority in keeping sensitive data and information secure from hackers and cybercriminals. Here are some simple steps by Xero to protect your information and that of your clients online. Click here to find out   About Xero: Xero …

3 way match

The (Near) Future of Singapore eInvoice Standard and Its impact on The 3-Way Match: 100% Automation

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The 3-way match – matching the Purchase Order, Goods Receipt and Invoice for every purchase – has been a cornerstone of procurement best practices for many years now. It protects against fraudulent invoices or duplicated payments and even helps to ensure that payments are made on time (but not before goods have been received.) Yet, many organisations choose to dispense …


Elevate your inventory management to the cloud. Start living the easy life.

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It’s the moment of truth. You’ve gathered your courage, asked your friends for advice, and even looked it up on the internet, but you’re still nervous. What are you supposed to do? What if they don’t like you? Your heart is racing, but you know you have to put your best foot forward. You take a deep breath, hold your …


Real-time payments: why Southeast Asia is leading the pack

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Can you imagine a world without Swift? As transactions limits rise for real time payment platforms, no-fee cross border payments could soon be a reality – starting in Southeast Asia. When it comes to digital payments among consumers, it’s common knowledge Asia is ahead of the game. More than 20 mobile wallets are in use in countries from developing Malaysia …