Three Reasons Why You Need Intelligent Automation to Improve Your Business Processes

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The world is indeed leveraging technologies to keep improving the quality of life, utilizing advanced technology to make things easier, faster, and improved. The desire and needs to achieve a rapid, effective and efficient, large-scale up automation to improve business processes are leading to the rapid and expanding growth of automation itself. Smart automation software, such as Gleematic, that has …

Download guide: Avoid getting caught in a double credit crunch

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Nearly 57 percent of new businesses in Singapore struggle financially within their first year. These companies generate little income and are not in the position to hire the employees or invest in the resources they need to grow. These Small to Medium Enterprise (SMEs) thus get caught in the middle; they can’t grow because they don’t have funding, and they can’t get …

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Download whitepaper on KOLLECT SYSTEMS’ Revenue Collections automation platform

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The KollectValley impact on Accounts Receivable performance Kollect Systems is a leading technology provider of Revenue and Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery, Agency and Legal Management Software Solutions. We provide specific solutions with our KollectValley Accounts Receivable (AR) Collections & Recovery platform on the Cloud to help Customers focus on reducing their clients’ arrears and optimizing profits throughout their Revenue and …


3 Reasons why your small business should use the cloud

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“Change before you have to.” Or so says American business executive Jack Welch, who served as the Chairman and CEO of General Electronics (GE) from 1981 to 2001. Welch may not have been referring to cloud software, but taking these words to heart and adopting cloud solutions for your business can definitely transform it in more ways than you can …


Drive revenue with HR automation: From a Millennial HR expert

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By Charisse Lee, Business Development Manager at Swingvy These days, small to medium businesses (SMEs/SMBs) are the main drivers in this evolutionary economy. Paper filings and manual processes have gradually become passe, and slow acceptance of digitalisation are showing positive fruition.   Traditional, family owned, small to medium businesses with a long history or past work experience in the days may …

Key Changes to Singapore Employment Act (CAP. 91) With Effect from 1 April 2019

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Introduction Following extensive consultation with the relevant stakeholders in the employment regime in Singapore, including the tripartite parties of the Ministry of Manpower, the Singapore National Employers Federation and the National Trades Union Congress, and after vigorous debate in Parliament, the Employment Act (“EA”), which is the key legislation governing employment matters in Singapore, was amended to improve the statutory …

How Outsourcing Can Drive Your Business Performance?

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Innovation and productivity are the buzz words in today’s business climate. Many businesses are outsourcing various parts of their operational functions to become more innovative in their way of conducting their businesses. Such outsourced functions ranges from mundane day-to-day input of entries and administration in their accounting and payroll tasks to grant administration and management, to strategic advisory services.  Outsourcing …

SMEs’ digitization journey: why it is critical to modernize your business

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In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, we are witnessing a complete transformation in the way people are running businesses. There is technological disruption across the globe, and digitalization has become a necessity for organizations in developed and developing countries. The winners of this ‘disruption game’ are online businesses and large enterprises. While the former has seized the traditional …