why businesses should shift to cloud based payroll

Why Businesses Should Shift To An Online Payroll Software? (Payroll Software – Why Businesses Should Shift It Online?)

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There are multiple reasons why businesses are making the switch to cloud technology for their HR and payroll needs. From cost-effectiveness and accuracy in terms of compliance to a reduced need for support, online payroll software brings about a slew of benefits as opposed to an on-premise payroll software or having it outsourced to a third-party vendor. Here are some …

why does my HR software not succeed

Why Does My HR Software Not Succeed?

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HR today has been greatly disrupted by technology. Today, high-tech software replace humans in terms of administrative HR tasks, leaving us to take care of the strategic aspect of HR. With the plethora of features and offerings that third-party HR software vendors offer in the market today, organisations are no doubt spoiled for choice. At the same time, organisations will …