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SAP Business ByDesign: Small on the SME’s budget, but big in potential

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Imagine your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as a motorbike that gets your business to its goal. You would want it to get there as fast as possible, and yet be customised to your needs.To build the bike, you could assemble it part by part, which would take considerable time and effort, delaying your journey. An easier and faster solution …

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(Almost) Instant Payroll Processing

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Everyone looks forward to payday. But what about the days leading up to payday – those are the days in which HR dreads the most. Payroll processing typically involved numerous preparation work at the start of the month. HR has to reconcile employees’ working hours, particularly if the organisation has numerous manual labour workers in which overtime pay and fixed …

Supporting HR Growth with Salary Ranges

Supporting HR Growth with Salary Ranges

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In designing compensation packages, it is imperative that HR ensure that pay levels are competitive else they may risk losing their key talent to their peers. Besides ensuring pay competitiveness, internal equity and fair pay is also crucial to ensure that employees are remunerated fairly. One way is to implement salary ranges. Salary structures and range provide guidelines for HR …


How to Manage Your Company’s Costs in the Remote Workplace

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Having your team spread all around the country (or even the world in some cases) can provide your business with a notable competitive advantage. After all, not all the talent and expertise in an industry is located in a single city, region, or continent. As an added benefit, working remotely offers your employees increased flexibility, ultimately saving them time on …

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Improve Productivity with a Solutions Grant from Enterprise Singapore

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As a small business owner, you want to boost your productivity to increase your profits, but affording tech productivity solutions can be challenging. The Singapore government offers financial support for those solutions through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Implemented on April 1, 2018, this program combines several previous grant schemes into one application process. A PSG covers up to 80 …

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Moving accounts payable to the cloud: build your own trusted app stack

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The most critical resources for any business are time and money – and saving time usually means saving money as well. Introducing cloud-based accounting tools really changes the way accounts payable are handled. By building the right app stack you can achieve higher efficiency and seamless collaboration as well as enable work on the go for all involved by eliminating …

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Digitizing your Financial Business

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How to transform and future-proof your business in the digital age While some sectors have been slower to innovate than others, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that’s escaped the rising tide of digital disruption. Modern technology continues to change the way we shop and work, and businesses are under constant pressure to keep up. Financial planning firms are no …

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The On-Demand Economy

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In 1943, human psychologist Abraham Malsow introduced his now famous, and often referenced, Hierarchy of Needs. In his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”, he detailed a theory that humans are motivated to fulfill their needs in a tiered sequence- in order to move to another level of needs, the more basic needs must be satisfied. This concept is best …


Solving for Customer Churn

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A business hires a representative to help manage customer relationships. The representative works with customers to personalize their experience with the business, establishing a persistent relationship. Through time, legwork, and customized communication, the representative builds strong trust and rapport with customers. Customers continue to stay loyal to the company for many years, feeling connected and comfortable with their account manager. …

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Statutory reporting in Shared Service Centres – see the wood for the trees

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While there are obvious advantages to harmonising certain steps in the statutory reporting process through SSCs, there are also many questions that CFOs should ask, writes Pavlo Boyko. “Do more with less” is a common demand of senior business leaders these days, and finance leaders are no exception. Establishing or expanding the finance shared service centre (SSC) is a common …