The definitive guide to digital transformation for tomorrow’s accounting firms

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This year, accounting firms around the world have had to quickly adapt to a new way of working. This has provided a glimpse into the future of the industry – remote working, digital collaboration, and new ways to manage people and projects. While no one knows what the future holds, there’s no going back to the way things were. The …

Digitizing your workplace - the why and how

Digitizing Your Workplace – The Why And How

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Gone are the days whereby employees have to deal with stacks of papers and folders on their office desks. With the rapid advancement of technology, offices today are increasingly shifting towards a digital workplace – automating administrative tasks and replacing business operations with technology. Key drivers behind the digital framework Setting up a digital framework within your organisation helps to …

Getting buy in for new tech tools

Getting Buy-In For Your New Tech Tools

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Introducing new technology tools in your organisation is never an easy feat. There are endless considerations for senior management and employees to ponder about – from identifying what are the appropriate technological tools required, costs, approval to post-implementation support, change management and ultimately, getting employees’ buy-in. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that it is always an arduous journey in …

why businesses should shift to cloud based payroll

Why Businesses Should Shift To An Online Payroll Software? (Payroll Software – Why Businesses Should Shift It Online?)

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There are multiple reasons why businesses are making the switch to cloud technology for their HR and payroll needs. From cost-effectiveness and accuracy in terms of compliance to a reduced need for support, online payroll software brings about a slew of benefits as opposed to an on-premise payroll software or having it outsourced to a third-party vendor. Here are some …

why does my HR software not succeed

Why Does My HR Software Not Succeed?

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HR today has been greatly disrupted by technology. Today, high-tech software replace humans in terms of administrative HR tasks, leaving us to take care of the strategic aspect of HR. With the plethora of features and offerings that third-party HR software vendors offer in the market today, organisations are no doubt spoiled for choice. At the same time, organisations will …

Consolidating financials used to be painful, not anymore

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Processing consolidations manually in spreadsheets takes time and can often be prone to error. Not only that, but the information might not always be the most up to date. And the problem only gets worse if you add in things like different currencies, inter-company transactions and more than a handful of entities. At Fathom, we eat these problems for lunch. …


Approval automation for Xero

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ApprovalMax is a tool that extends the online accounting platform Xero with approval-driven financial controls. It replaces paper- and email-based approvals with fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows, and ensures spend control and regulatory compliance for both internal accounting and financial service outsourcing organisations. Protect your Xero data It is possible to perform approvals directly in Xero, but that …

Managing source documents: a guide for accountants and small businesses

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The management of source documents is critical for small business compliance, and also important in helping accountants to provide informative business insights. Source documents can take a lot of administrative effort to collect and manage. This article by Xero helps to break down some frequently asked questions that you may have as an accountant – learn how you can improve your client …

Ways save time for your business in 2020

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Time is truly money for a business owner. Whether it is fulfilling a last-minute order, drawing up a proposal or travelling between business meetings, you need all the help you can get to save time to focus on your business goals. In this article by Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director – Asia at Xero shares eight ways you can reduce the hidden time …