Etihad Technology 2020 Flight Plan takes off

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In a recent interview with Forbes, Robert Webb, Chief Information Technology Officer, Etihad Aviation Group provided a few key insights on how Etihad Airways has grown into what it is today and also what it sees for the future – 2020 and beyond.

As the fastest growing airline company on earth, Etihad Aviation Group has benefited from multiple equity investments into a host of airlines including Alitalia, Jet Airways, Air Berlin, Air Serbia and loads more.  One aspect at the heart of making these partnerships work is technology.  Through better use of shared systems, technology vendors and the like, Webb has a vision for enhancing overall guest experience which sits at the heart of the 2020 Flight Plan. (Just two weeks ago, Etihad signed a ten year service agreement with IBM worth US$700 million)

A more specific look at the Plan, shows  twenty investment programs and five enabling capabilities in five key areas:

  • First is enabling capabilities, primarily around people, but also around governance and enterprise architecture and communicating across the group of partners.
  • Second, a focus on infrastructure and security, making certain that Etihad are maximizing the infrastructure and the capabilities needed to have in place across the airlines.
  • Third, Etihad are implementing new corporate systems with SAP in the cloud as well as Microsoft cloud-based solutions for communication and collaboration.
  • Fourth, in the core airline area, there are really two major programs. Etihad are implementing Sabre, which is a core reservation system across the airlines, and also implementing revenue management algorithmic capabilities.
  • Fifth and finally, which is really the differentiating area, Etihad are creating a digital guest experience center of excellence. Everything from online presence through to mobile applications, and loyalty programs—Etihad are looking to digitize all of those guest touch-points for the traveler’s journey.

Webb will be speaking at the upcoming Aviation Festival Asia 2016 event, happening next 23-24 February in Singapore on the Flight Plan and also how Etihad are enabling technology transformation through strategic partnerships.

Join his session to hear about:

  • Etihad Technology 2020 Flight Plan and the role of IT vendors in reimagining flying
  • The economies of skill and scale in community partnership model
  • The leader’s insights: What airline CIOs should do to enable the best-in-class capabilities across functions?

Book now to hear from Robert Webb and over 60 other leading airlines at Aviation Festival Asia 2016.

Download the brochure for full agenda and speaker line-up

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