Aviation Industry: Looking to 2016 and beyond

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Over 1,400 attendees, including representatives from over 150 airlines and airports from across the world, gathered at Aviation Festival Asia 2016 today. The day kicked off with aviation leaders panel. Senior executives from Delta Air Lines, Finnair, Air New Zealand, McKinsey & Company and Aviado Partners discussed the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry in Asia and beyond. Here are …

Air New Zealand's Premium Economy

Premium Economy: The new normal?

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Frequent business travellers are an airline’s delight. They pay up to 300% more than the lowest fares offered for advance purchases and over 10 times the average fare for business class seats. In other words, they are the backbone of the industry that both FSCs and LCCs are competing hard for. As the traditional boundaries between FSCs and LCCs have …

Cloud Computing

How cloud computing helps the airline industry soar

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As the competition goes fierce, airlines are looking at cloud computing as a game changer. There is no need to expand the IT infrastructure or increase the IT workforce to accommodate these systems. Because the service providers can cater to the scalability and flexibility required to handle the workload, airlines now can focus on their core business: transporting passengers. With …


Talent gap alert: Coping with exploding passenger numbers

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Despite its booming aviation industry and huge numbers of people, Asia is suffering a big shortage of skills. And it is about to get worse. It seems odd. In the world’s most populous region the biggest problem facing airline employers is a shortage of people. Asia has more than half the planet’s inhabitants and is home to many of the …

star alliance plane

Alliances in aviation are changing

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With increasing competition from low-cost carriers, alliances and partnerships are playing an increasingly important role for full-service carriers. Almost all full-service carriers are partnering with others to expand their network and service additional regions, either as part of an alliance or an individual partnership. But what changes will we need to make to the existing partnership model to take account of …

Why Stronger Online Marketing is the Key to Growth for Airlines

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Author: Philip Rothaus, E-Commerce Strategist In almost all consumer-facing industries, online retailers and ecommerce businesses tend to think long-term when it comes to their customers. A site like Amazon, for example, does not propose to sell a consumer a single book – it aims to acquire a customer who will stay engaged with (and loyal to) the business for a …