Premium Economy: The new normal?

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Frequent business travellers are an airline’s delight. They pay up to 300% more than the lowest fares offered for advance purchases and over 10 times the average fare for business class seats. In other words, they are the backbone of the industry that both FSCs and LCCs are competing hard for.

As the traditional boundaries between FSCs and LCCs have blurred, frequent business travellers now have plenty of options. Improved services by LCCs? Great. Reduced expensive add-on services along with fares on FSCs? Also great.

We will explore this attempt to nail the business case of low-cost premium offers for frequent corporate and leisure travellers alike in our “Premium Economy: The new normal?” panel discussion at Aviation Festival Asia. You will hear from these following executives who are heading the product and commercial strategies for FSCs and LCCs, Asia and Europe.

  • Fatou Gueye, Head of Economy & Premium Economy Long Haul Customer Experience, Air France
  • Cam Wallace, Chief Sales & Commercial Officer, Air New Zealand
  • Iya Magen, Head of UP, EL AL Airlines
  • Kamal Hingorani, Senior Vice President & Head of Inflight Services and Customer Experience, SpiceJet
  • Fiona Blakey, Head of Product and Service Development, Thomson Airways

They will all come together to nail the business case for a premium economy cabin, and answer some of the tough questions below:

  • What potential growth is there for premium economy cabins in Asia?
  • FSCs vs. LCCs on pursuing corporate travellers on low-cost premium offers
  • How can you differentiate your premium economy cabin? – Is it just about a bigger seat, or should you differentiate the whole experience?
  • Maintaining and protecting business class revenue when introducing a premium economy cabin

You can be sure of some interesting and different perspectives. Look at FSCs – they have in recent times introduced a series of premium economy products aimed at cost-conscious business travellers. Air France has installed new Premium Economy cabins on planes serving Asia. Air New Zealand‘s premium economy won big with three awards at 2015 World Airline Awards.

What about LCCs? They are offering significant add-on services to appeal to business travellers. SpiceJet is among the airlines leading the charge. Its SpiceMax and SpiceFlex offer greater comfort and convenience with extra legroom, priority check-in, and seat selection.

The low-cost brand UP of EL AL Airlines is also focusing more on corporate customers than before. The airline strongly believes in the three key factors that will help it woo and retain these high-paying passengers. They are competitive pricing, corporate’s image and loyalty retained from its parent full-service airline.

Fiona Blakey from Thomson Airways leads the panel discussion; Thomson has developed new Premium Economy services on 787 Dreamliner in supporting the airline’s strategy to grow longhaul.

The panel will take place at AirXperience, a conference track dedicated to passenger experience in the air and on the ground at Aviation Festival Asia 2016.

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