How airlines can successfully work with 3rd party ancillaries

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Ancillary services are at the forefront of the airline industry as it strives to become — and remain — financially healthy. As third-party ancillary services has become an increasingly important source of revenue, at Aviation Festival Asia 2017, one of our key focus areas is how airlines can successfully work with third-party ancillary services to maximise potentials on increasing airline …


U-Fly Alliance: Showing HNA consolidation and LCC evolving partnership model

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China’s HNA Group is massive with more than 10 airline brands. Under China’s one route one airline policy, the group, though growing larger, still remains fragmented, with companies hardly stitching together to deliver synergies or at least to avoid competitive overlap. That has started to change with four HNA airlines forming the world’s first LCC alliance, the U-FLY Alliance, on …


New airline ancillary revenue management strategies

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Airlines have different customer segments and different network structures. Therefore ancillary products and marketing strategies have to take this into account and need to be tailor-made to fit with the customer’s needs, their buying behaviour and their willingness to pay. Saravanan Ramasamy, Group Head Distribution & Ancillary Commercial of AirAsia and Andrew Cowen, CEO of HK Express joined us at the Aviation Festival …


When things go wrong: How to better handle irregular operations

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Nobody here needs to be told about the cost of screwing with your customers. Delays and cancellations frustrate passengers. How airlines deal with journey disruptions will make or break that customer relationship. Just last week, there were more than 2,900 cancellations and over 42,800 delays in Asia Pacific*! So what do we mean when we say “handling disruptions”? How do …


What is shaping the future of passenger experience?

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The airline industry is well known for its cyclical nature. Past success is no guarantee of future growth. This forces us to think forward, each and everyday, on how we can better serve our customers, who are, after all, the core of our business. With a lot of disruptive innovations from virtual reality to artificial intelligence and deep learning that …


We’re back! Join us at Aviation Festival Asia 2017

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The Aviation Festival Asia is back in 2017, running 21-22 February in Singapore. It’s getting better Now entering its 13th annual year, this is one of the largest and most well-established commercial aviation shows for airline and airport executives from both the Asia Pacific region and across the world. In 2017, we are expecting to welcome over 2,000 attendees to …