What is shaping the future of passenger experience?

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The airline industry is well known for its cyclical nature. Past success is no guarantee of future growth. This forces us to think forward, each and everyday, on how we can better serve our customers, who are, after all, the core of our business.

With a lot of disruptive innovations from virtual reality to artificial intelligence and deep learning that are affecting traveller behaviours, airlines need to identify capability gaps, so they can catch up with customer demands and find ways to fill them. One might even say that we need to redefine our entire role within the customer journey itself.


Akira Mitsumasu, Japan Airlines

To help get you thinking about the customer journey and the opportunities for airlines to really thrive, we’re delighted that Akira Mitsumasu, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, Asia & Oceania Region, Japan Airlines will be joining us at Aviation Festival Asia 2017 to share his thoughts.

Joining JAL in 1989 and holding an MBA from the University of Oxford, Akira has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the airline industry across functions including passenger services, network planning, marketing and business strategies.

Akira will open the AirXperience track at Aviation Festival Asia with a presentation on the following topic:

Shaping the future of passenger experience

  • What are the emerging trends affecting the travellers’ behaviours? What do they mean to the airlines?
  • Mass personalisation: Is it the future of our customer strategies? Are we missing the point of meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations?
  • Identifying and bridging the gaps in the customer journey: How do we better understand the needs of our customers to adapt and evolve our products and services? What capabilities are we lacking? What are the steps to take now to achieve a true end-to-end experience?
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and deep learning: How will these disruptive innovations affect the passengers’ preference of flying? How will they redefine the airlines’ role in the customer journey and change the existing practices, processes and systems?

It will surely be an insightful talk. 

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