When things go wrong: How to better handle irregular operations

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Nobody here needs to be told about the cost of screwing with your customers. Delays and cancellations frustrate passengers. How airlines deal with journey disruptions will make or break that customer relationship.

Just last week, there were more than 2,900 cancellations and over 42,800 delays in Asia Pacific*!

So what do we mean when we say “handling disruptions”? How do we get to business as usual?


Patrick Fennell, Oman Air

With many issues in handling irregular operations that require more thoughts and innovations, join Patrick Fennell, Head of Operations Integration, Oman Air at Aviation Festival Asia as he shares his experience.

With over 20 years of operational expertise gained around the globe, Patrick has a wide-ranging skill-set developed at almost a dozen airlines in every business model from LCC to legacy, and charter to cargo and VIP.

Patrick will share the key lessons through the following presentation at Aviation Festival Asia 2017:


Handling irregular operations: A passenger-centric approach

  • Bad news travel fast and how to rapidly engage with passengers
  • Delivering personalised solutions to travellers’ problems
  • A standard approach to restore normal services swiftly and cost-efficiently: Collaboration among staff, between airlines and airports
  • How technology can help? (e.g. anticipating disruptive events through predictive analytics)

This will be a practical and useful talk. Don’t miss it.

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*Data 11th – 17th September, www.flightstats.com

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