U-Fly Alliance: Showing HNA consolidation and LCC evolving partnership model

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China’s HNA Group is massive with more than 10 airline brands. Under China’s one route one airline policy, the group, though growing larger, still remains fragmented, with companies hardly stitching together to deliver synergies or at least to avoid competitive overlap.

That has started to change with four HNA airlines forming the world’s first LCC alliance, the U-FLY Alliance, on January 2016. While the founding members of the alliance—HK Express, Lucky Air, Urumqi Air, and West Air—are all affiliated with HNA Group, the alliance is also open to airlines not within HNA Group, with its fifth member as South Korean LCC Eastar Jet joining in July.

Such moves signal that in the long term, HNA is taking cooperative actions within and outside the group to further expand on LCC market, especially in Northeast Asia.


Steven Greenway, Deputy CEO, U-FLY Alliance

For now perhaps that’s all the industry could predict about HNA’s strategies for U-FLY Alliance. More initiatives will surely be coming to light, especially when U-FLY has got the airline veteran Steven Greenway as its Deputy CEO.

To help the airline community stay on top of what’s coming up next with U-FLY and its impact on the LCC market, Steven is joining us at the Aviation Festival Asia 2017 to share his insights on:

LCC alliances and partnerships  

  • How does U-FLY Alliance actually work and how can it transform the region’s low-cost market?
  • What are plans for deeper co- operation in strategy among the airline members in the future? What features of the big alliances (oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance) should we implement and how economically viable are these features?  
  • Is there a real value of for LCCs to join the existing global clubs?  
  • How will the partnership model for LCCs evolve?

You can expect a lot of insights from Steven, who was a founding member of Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ successful long-haul LCC, and is now leading U-FLY, the world’s first alliance of independent LCCs.

Check out our website here for more information or contact me on phu.nguyen@terrapinn.com to see how you can get involved.

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