Rethinking LCC loyalty programmes

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Traditionally LCCs have based their value proposition on carrying customers cheaply from one point to another without offering peripheral services. They largely avoid loyalty programme because everyone will come if your price is low, right? But things are changing now. The increase in competition, coupled with the growing focus on business travellers, is leading LCCs to test new models, including …


We’re talking about digitising the airline business. Nominate your CIO!

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Airline executives around the world see the need to invest in a digital future—to improve customer experience and streamline operations. While many leaders claim that they have the vision to change, realising their vision is a challenge. Legacy technologies, operational silos and cultural resistance create barriers in the airline industry that is traditionally known as lagging in digital innovation. Yet …


Enabling and managing enterprise mobility

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The airline industry is evolving rapidly. Airlines need to be more agile than ever before from a technology perspective, and so enterprise mobility has become one of the single most important elements of a successful airline business. This critical technology area enables airlines to unify the workforce and perform more quickly, reliably and cheaply through effective management of information. In …


Successful loyalty through analytics

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The last decade has ushered in tremendous challenges for the airline business. Customers are more informed, they have more options, and they have higher expectations. What’s more, with more carriers offering lower fares, it’s more difficult than ever to retain your customers. So retaining current customers has become a high priority, but many airlines are struggling to create relevant and …

Jets on the Tarmac

Route expansion possibilities in Asia – what’s left for FSCs?

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Senior executives from China Southern Airlines, Mega Maldives Airlines and Association of Asia Pacific Airlines gathered at Aviation Festival Asia 2016 in February to discuss route expansion possibilities in Asia. Asia’s aviation industry will grow further, providing exciting growth opportunities for carriers, but executives agreed that there are huge challenges that may hinder route expansion. One of the biggest challenges is …


Long-haul low-cost airline operations: Are we nearly there yet?

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Can low-cost airlines replicate short-haul success on longer routes? Steven Greenway, former Head of Commercial at Scoot, shared his thoughts at Aviation Festival Asia 2016. Here’s a brief summary of his session. What are the biggest challenges for LCCs when considering long-haul? Financials – long-haul operations are very costly. Utilisation – you can get the hours, but you can’t get …


Vision 2020: How can airlines guarantee future success?

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Over 1,400 attendees, including representatives from over 150 airlines and airports across the world, gathered at Aviation Festival Asia 2016 in Singapore in February this year. The morning kicked off with an interview with  Cam Wallace, Chief Sales and Commercial Officer of Air New Zealand. Cam shared what Air New Zealand is focusing on to succeed in the future airline industry. …


Cybersecurity and the commercial aircraft: Developing a robust strategy to tackle the growing threats

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A cyberattack can happen to anyone, anytime. Over the past two years, there has been an increasing number of cybersecurity incidents reported in the aviation industry. To give an indication of the magnitude of the challenge, recent research has shown that aviation systems are subject to an average of 1,000 attacks each month (*). With the introduction of new generation …


The evolving LCC business model: Towards an integrated air travel business

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Today we are witnessing perhaps the most interesting period of change in the low cost business model. China’s Spring Group, anchored by Shanghai-based budget carrier Spring Airlines, is entering the hotel sector in Asia, turning itself into a comprehensive hospitality company to serve customers throughout their trip. Spring Group took the first few moves in the hotel business with the …