Enabling and managing enterprise mobility

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The airline industry is evolving rapidly. Airlines need to be more agile than ever before from a technology perspective, and so enterprise mobility has become one of the single most important elements of a successful airline business. This critical technology area enables airlines to unify the workforce and perform more quickly, reliably and cheaply through effective management of information.

In practice, rolling out enterprise mobility project is a major challenge because an airline is a complex organisation with a number of different departments. How do we create an application that caters to flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, customer service agents, business administrators? How can we have a coordinated effort across all groups?

Also, as mobile technology is changing rapidly, that doesn’t give airlines much time to make long-term strategic plans. With every new mobile phone, tablet device, wearable or software upgrade, this will challenge airlines to not only stay more agile and responsive to technological developments, but also to focus on foundational capabilities – so that the transition between old and new technologies is quick and cost effective.


Derek Chan, Alaska Airlines

To help provide a case study on how airlines can successfully deploy enterprise mobility, we invite Derek Chan, Enterprise Mobility Architect, Manager – Mobile Competency Center, from Alaska Airlines to join us at Aviation Festival Asia 2017.

Derek has more than 16 years in managing, leading, designing and implementing web and mobile business solutions. His current role at Alaska Airline is helping the company develop and execute the mobility strategy and programme.

Under his team’s work, in 2015, Alaska Airlines distributed 10,000 devices to all their frontline employees, a significant adoption in the mobile usage that started a transformation in the airline’s performance. One example is  that the mobile app allows Alaska to push content to pilots and cabin crews, saving time and paper to process the information and streamline the operations.

Below is a preview of Derek’s presentation:

Enabling and managing enterprise mobility

  •    Why aren’t airlines/ airports building more mobile apps for their employees? What’s holding us back?
  •    Trends driving change in enterprise mobility adoption and management
  •    Best practices and technologies to use to manage enterprise mobility

This will be a practical and useful talk. Don’t miss it.

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