Successful loyalty through analytics

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The last decade has ushered in tremendous challenges for the airline business. Customers are more informed, they have more options, and they have higher expectations. What’s more, with more carriers offering lower fares, it’s more difficult than ever to retain your customers.

So retaining current customers has become a high priority, but many airlines are struggling to create relevant and unique loyalty programmes that promote true brand affinity, translating to repeat purchases.

To be able to offer valued loyalty rewards, airlines need to understand their customers.But it’s easier said than done, for airlines need to be skilled in collecting relevant customer information, analysing it, and tailoring their offerings to fit the individual customer. If the loyalty rewards are virtually the same for anyone who is a member — a shotgun approach — it’s no wonder that there is such a high level of disengagement.


Tay Eu Jin, AirAsia BIG

To help offer an insights into how airlines can better use data analytics to keep customers loyal, we invite Tay Eu Jin, Chief Analytics Officer from AirAsia BIG to share his experience.

Eu Jin will join us at the Aviation Festival Asia 2017 with a presentation on “Scaling loyalty programmes using data analytics”.

In this presentation, Eu Jin will share both quantitative and qualitative approaches to data analytics.

Eu Jin believes that airlines can’t simply depend on the customer transaction data collected through the interaction between the airline and the customers. He will share how AirAsia BIG – the loyalty arm of AirAsia Group – is looking at working closely with retail partners to collect rich information that could help them identify what their customers value.

With his experience in data analytics, Eu Jin is supporting AirAsia’s efforts to unleash the power of their loyalty membership data. He will offer real-life case studies in establishing priority customer segments and methods for measuring loyalty.

Below is a preview of his presentation:

Scaling loyalty programmes using data analytics

  • Loyalty for life: Data strategies to engage with customers and become more relevant in their lives
  • Collecting more data from customers beyond what’s provided during the booking process and how to successfully work with partners for better insights about customers’ daily purchasing behaviours
  • What’s important? Combining data sets to predict sales and identifying the most profitable customer segments for special offers

Check out our website here for more information.

You can expect to learn important practical know-how from this presentation. So if you find yourself passionate about this subject, contact me on to see how you can get involved.

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