Spring, Jin Air, SpiceJet, Nok Air & Jetstar Pacific confirmed for LCC Leaders Keynote

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The Asian LCC industry is changing rapidly. Everyday airlines are announcing new routes, ordering new aircrafts, offering new discounts and introducing new products and services.

At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, we’re bringing some of the best LCC leaders to join us in in an opening keynote session to share how they keep up with the challenges facing low-cost travel in Asia and beyond, and what opportunities they are acting upon.

Confirmed LCC leaders are from all important markets in Asia Pacific including Northeast Asia, India and Southeast Asia. Each will have a 15-min interview to share more details on their airlines and the market they serve as well as plan to expand. Do expect to hear about:

  • Chinese travel boom and how Spring Airlines is gaining a significant share of it: Stephen Wang, President, Spring Airlines
  • Jin Air on taking on prominence in domestic Korean market and towards international aspiration: Emily Cho, Executive Vice President, Jin Air
  • The comeback act of SpiceJet founder and the most memorable turnaround stories in Indian aviation: Ajay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, SpiceJet
  • How Nok Air is thriving over intensifying domestic competition and planning international expansion: Patee Sarasin, Chief Executive Officer, Nok Air
  • Vietnam’s aviation and Jetstar Pacific on responding to growing demand: Les Stephens, Chief Operating Officer, Jetstar Pacific

After the panel, all the leaders will join a panel discussion to debate the biggest challenges facing the air travel industry in Asia and beyond, including:

  • How did the market change in 2016? What is the outlook for 2017 and beyond?
  • How can we overcome the critical challenges of overcapacity, weak profitability, pilot shortages, safety concerns and liberalisation?
  • What are the opportunities for LCC alliances, and is there a real appetite for them? Are we heading for a period of consolidation?
  • Where are the biggest new revenue generation opportunities for LCCs?

Don’t miss out on the most exciting and informative LCC gathering in Asia. Join us!

Check out our website here or contact me on phu.nguyen@terrapinn.com to see how you can get involved.

About Aviation Festival Asia
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