Kansai Airports: Reimagining what the airport can be

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Massive terminals are being built to accommodate traffic growth, but is bigger always better?

Jeremy Goldstrich, COO of Kansai Airports doesn’t think so.

At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, Jeremy will join us to share how the expansion of the Kansai International Airport Terminals 2 will enhance the customer experience using the latest designs in airport retail, as well as advanced “Smart Security” System to reduce congestion.

Terminal 2: New terminal complex for LCCs

Kansai Airports is expanding Terminal 2 to offer Low Cost Carrier (LCC) flights to an increasing number of domestic and international routes.

The expansion will enhance the customer experience with the latest designs in airport retail, as well as advanced security Smart Lane System which will reduce congestion.

The new Terminal 2 Complex will be divided into Terminal 2 International and Terminal 2 Domestic, bringing the total size to 66,000 square meters, and has the capacity to handle 2,850,000 customers a year on international routes, and 5,500,000 customers on domestic routes. Additionally the expansion will add another 11 airport terminal gates for aircraft, bringing the total to 21. The changes to the parking area will allow for another 700 cars, increasing the capacity to 1,600.


Diagram of Expanded Terminal 2


Walk Through Image

Japan’s first “Smart Security” System

Terminal will deploy the “Smart Security” System. “Smart Security” has been developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports International Council (ACI), and is utilised in a number of advanced airports in Europe, the United States and Australia.

“Smart Security” will benefit passengers through faster, more convenient, and less intrusive screening, giving time back to passengers as they journey through the airport. Airlines will benefit through higher customer satisfaction and fewer departure delays, the government and authorities will benefit through an improved ability to counter threats, to focus resources where risk is greatest, and to leverage innovations in technology. Kansai Airports will benefit through greater operational efficiencies.



Under “Smart Security”, the latest model body scanner is added to the system for a less intrusive and faster screening process than manual pat-downs, which can reduce passenger stress.


The smart lanes will speed up cabin baggage screening by moving trays automatically.

Kansai Airports’ presentation:

Jeremy Goldstrich, COO of Kansai Airports will join us at at Aviation Festival Asia 2017 for a presentation on airport design and development. Below is a preview of his talk.


Jeremy Goldstrich, Kansai Airports

Airport expansion: Reimagining what the airport can be

  • New strategies and technologies to build a state-of-the-art airport infrastructure
  • Redesigning existing airport terminals to cope with air traffic growth
  • Upgrading retail space to increase passenger revenues
  • Long-term planning to be the global gateway

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