Learn how airlines can do better in content marketing, managing advertising budget and data analytics

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If you’ve ever run an airline marketing campaign, you know how complicated the process can feel once you get beyond the basics. Between selecting your objective, setting a budget, fine-tuning your audience targeting, testing, and measuring ROI, there’s a lot to do.

Even more challenging is the fact that big brands like airlines use very sophisticated techniques to manage multi-million-dollar spends—in other words, the competition is fierce.

At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, our Aviation Marketing track helps airline executives get ahead in their marketing strategies to generate visibility, engagement and sales by learning from the experts.  Here are 3 advanced marketing strategies from some of the pros confirmed to join the show.

Delivering content in context to drive sales

With marketers expected to double investments in content in the next 3 years, making effective use of content is critical. Leading media agency Ogilvy & Mather will be joining us to give a presentation on how airlines can effectively use content to sell by looking at 3 case studies from their client British Airways.


Andrew Boggs


Lucy Mccabe

Interesting learning points to expect:

  • How BA drove sales by delivering personalised content to millions of customers
  • How the “Visit Mum” campaign targeting the US to India route delivered content in the context of the consumer journey
  • How the “Magic of Flying” campaign used data to deliver messaging in a whole new context

Industry experts you’ll hear from:

  • Lucy McCabe, President, OgilvyRED Asia Pacific, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Andrew Boggs, Business Director OgilvyOne, Ogilvy & Mather

Making your digital advertising spend effective

Most airlines have tight marketing budgets, so it’s critical to to make sure every dollar spent targets the right market and customer profile.

We wanted to offer insights on the ups and downs of the financial side of airline marketing, so we asked experienced marketer from MEC to weigh in on the “art” of managing a marketing budget. MEC is a leading media agency that recently won media business with Hong Kong Airlines, responsible for handling all media buying and planning including offline, digital, search, performance display and paid social media activities.


Antony Yiu

MEC’s Antony Yiu, Head of Digital North Asia & Head of Search & Performance, Asia Pacific will join us to give useful tips on:

  • Know what you want upfront: Identifying the real motivation for investing in digital advertising
  • Understand the underlying assumptions which inform ad targeting algorithms
  • What are the key components of a successful digital advertising plan? Is it more than just remarketing and pop-ups?


Back to basics: Why should airlines be thinking seriously about analytics

There is no question that data and analytics are important to airline marketers, but just because we know that doesn’t mean that we’ve got skills to analyse the ever increasing data volumes and different data types properly. With so many things airlines can track, they can easily find themselves headed down the wrong path.

We invite Mirum Singapore to give airline marketers a refreshing look at marketing data analytics. Mirum is a global digital agency and Mirum Singapore is recently chosen by Malaysia Airlines to provide expertise in improving the airline’s consumer user experience through technology, data and a robust creative and content strategy over the website and all digital applications.


David Brigham

David Brigham, Mirum Singapore’s Director of Analytics will talk you through:

  • What can analytics tell you about your customers?
  • What infrastructure do you need to put in place to use analytics effectively?
  • Where does analytics fit within the cross-functional team and how can you get buy in from across your airline organisation?


Join us!

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