Interview: Sriwijaya Air’s General Manager of IT on the airline’s move towards digitisation

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“Challenging, diverse, personalisation – these are the three words to describe the state of the industry in Asia.”

– Fernandes BudiantoBong, General Manager of IT, Sriwijaya Air –

Following the successful Aviation Festival Asia 2018, we’re launching an eBook featuring some of the industry’s most forward-thinking digital innovators to talk about their digital innovation journey and where they think we are headed. Download our ebook here for full interviews. Below is an excerpt of our chat with Fernandes. 


What are some of the significant changes and challenges in your role, comparing 5 years before and now?

Fernandes: When I first took over this role, it was the technical challenge of doing a system overhaul. Now, the main challenge is the amount of convincing required to get people to move away from paper, from processes that they were used to, and to adapt to new systems that we are introducing.

Tell us about some of your successes in Sriwijaya Air. Any exciting IT or digital projects in particular?

Fernandes: End-2014, we did a transformation of our core reservation system. With this new system, it’s much easier to extract the necessary data such as daily sales and monthly revenue, at minimally 90% accuracy, which helped with many of our strategising and decision-making across all business units. We were also able to do stable API calls.

We also introduced a new generation reservation and check-in system via mobile and web, as well as self check-in kiosks after a system integration with the airport authorities.

Upon automating many of our processes, also bringing some processes online and introducing passenger self-service, these allowed us to reduce the need for manpower. We ended up shutting down most of our physical offices in Jakarta, from 13 to the current 2, which resulted in lots of costs-savings.

What do you think is the key reason for the success of all your digital transformation efforts?

Fernandes: The organisational culture of open mindedness and the support from management helped a lot.

What is your understanding of digital transformation?

Fernandes: The aim would be to make…

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