Airlines in transition: How the FSC models are changing to be more competitive

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The structure of full-service carriers is expected to change significantly in coming months as they revisit their business models in order to remain commercial viability. Over the past decade, the average airline returns were rarely as high as the industry’s cost of capital, until the turn of 2014, since when we’ve seen the industry reporting three years of positive results. …


Mobile first and mobile only: What it means and why it matters?

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If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished. Travelers use mobile devices for a variety of reasons, including research on flights and itineraries, to purchase tickets, manage their booking, and provide feedback about their service. The shift from desktop to mobile Internet access offers airlines the potential to drive enormous gains in revenue and profitability. Yet in …


Leveraging Virtual Reality for In-Flight Entertainment

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Virtual reality is the future of in-flight entertainment. Imagine, as a passenger, being able to put on a headset and see a whole world projected across the roof of the cabin, allowing you to fly under the stars, or watch a movie. This is a new platform for innovation, virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR), also known as immersive multimedia or …

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Creating a seamless airport experience

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Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Passenger numbers are growing just as fast as passenger expectations. It’s vital that airlines and airports keep up with both meeting the demand in volume while also catering to the increasing needs of each passenger. Today’s passengers want more control over their journey. Particularly at …


Kansai Airports: Reimagining what the airport can be

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Massive terminals are being built to accommodate traffic growth, but is bigger always better? Jeremy Goldstrich, COO of Kansai Airports doesn’t think so. At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, Jeremy will join us to share how the expansion of the Kansai International Airport Terminals 2 will enhance the customer experience using the latest designs in airport retail, as well as advanced …


Emerging airline distribution strategies

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The airline distribution landscape has seen a number of interesting trends that may spell new opportunities for airlines looking to capture new markets, bring in additional revenue via ancillaries, and keep pace with the competition. The launch of Value Alliance is a big deal in the annals of airline distribution. One, it’s one of the world’s two only LCC alliances …


The talent gap alert: How are we going to meet the workforce shortage challenge

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It seems odd. In the world’s most populous region the biggest problem facing airline employers is a shortage of talent in their workforce. Asia has more than half the planet’s inhabitants and is home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but aviation growth is being limited because we cannot find enough people with the skills we need. It’s been …


Self-service is becoming a standard at international airports

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Passengers want convenience and quick results with their bookings and check-in, a seamless and secure airport experience, and unique tailored experiences throughout their journey. Airlines and airports that recognize this and provide passengers with easy-to-use mobile services, self-service options, and one-stop security checks will improve the travel experience and passenger satisfaction. At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, we are bringing some of …


The Age of Aircraft Leasing: Where are we now and where do we go from here?

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The skies above Asia will get considerably more crowded during the next 20 years as airlines expand and passenger numbers increase. That timing couldn’t be better for aircraft leasing business. Leasing aircraft is a profitable business, with an annual average yield of about 7-9%. Boeing estimates that the number of airplanes in the Asia fleet will nearly triple in less …


India: The new flight path

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LCCs account for 59% of India’s domestic traffic and are the major force behind the country’s fast growing aviation market India is currently served by 70 foreign airlines and five Indian carriers, with the latter having a market share of around 36%. With the fuel prices expected to stay low, and India’s GDP projected to expand at around 7.5% or …