The talent gap alert: How are we going to meet the workforce shortage challenge

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It seems odd. In the world’s most populous region the biggest problem facing airline employers is a shortage of talent in their workforce. Asia has more than half the planet’s inhabitants and is home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but aviation growth is being limited because we cannot find enough people with the skills we need. It’s been …


Self-service is becoming a standard at international airports

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Passengers want convenience and quick results with their bookings and check-in, a seamless and secure airport experience, and unique tailored experiences throughout their journey. Airlines and airports that recognize this and provide passengers with easy-to-use mobile services, self-service options, and one-stop security checks will improve the travel experience and passenger satisfaction. At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, we are bringing some of …


The Age of Aircraft Leasing: Where are we now and where do we go from here?

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The skies above Asia will get considerably more crowded during the next 20 years as airlines expand and passenger numbers increase. That timing couldn’t be better for aircraft leasing business. Leasing aircraft is a profitable business, with an annual average yield of about 7-9%. Boeing estimates that the number of airplanes in the Asia fleet will nearly triple in less …


India: The new flight path

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LCCs account for 59% of India’s domestic traffic and are the major force behind the country’s fast growing aviation market India is currently served by 70 foreign airlines and five Indian carriers, with the latter having a market share of around 36%. With the fuel prices expected to stay low, and India’s GDP projected to expand at around 7.5% or …


Spring, Jin Air, SpiceJet, Nok Air & Jetstar Pacific confirmed for LCC Leaders Keynote

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The Asian LCC industry is changing rapidly. Everyday airlines are announcing new routes, ordering new aircrafts, offering new discounts and introducing new products and services. At Aviation Festival Asia 2017, we’re bringing some of the best LCC leaders to join us in in an opening keynote session to share how they keep up with the challenges facing low-cost travel in …


Rethinking LCC loyalty programmes

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Traditionally LCCs have based their value proposition on carrying customers cheaply from one point to another without offering peripheral services. They largely avoid loyalty programme because everyone will come if your price is low, right? But things are changing now. The increase in competition, coupled with the growing focus on business travellers, is leading LCCs to test new models, including …


We’re talking about digitising the airline business. Nominate your CIO!

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Airline executives around the world see the need to invest in a digital future—to improve customer experience and streamline operations. While many leaders claim that they have the vision to change, realising their vision is a challenge. Legacy technologies, operational silos and cultural resistance create barriers in the airline industry that is traditionally known as lagging in digital innovation. Yet …


Enabling and managing enterprise mobility

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The airline industry is evolving rapidly. Airlines need to be more agile than ever before from a technology perspective, and so enterprise mobility has become one of the single most important elements of a successful airline business. This critical technology area enables airlines to unify the workforce and perform more quickly, reliably and cheaply through effective management of information. In …


Successful loyalty through analytics

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The last decade has ushered in tremendous challenges for the airline business. Customers are more informed, they have more options, and they have higher expectations. What’s more, with more carriers offering lower fares, it’s more difficult than ever to retain your customers. So retaining current customers has become a high priority, but many airlines are struggling to create relevant and …