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Inside Southwest Airlines’ social media strategies

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Southwest Airlines, which transports more than 100 million people a year, has long put customer service at the centre of its business. Today, it is investing in social media as a complement to other marketing and customer service channels. Indeed, Southwest is the most “LUV’d” airline in social media! The airline has a small, but mighty, social media team that …


Learn how airlines can do better in content marketing, managing advertising budget and data analytics

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If you’ve ever run an airline marketing campaign, you know how complicated the process can feel once you get beyond the basics. Between selecting your objective, setting a budget, fine-tuning your audience targeting, testing, and measuring ROI, there’s a lot to do. Even more challenging is the fact that big brands like airlines use very sophisticated techniques to manage multi-million-dollar …


Successful loyalty through analytics

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The last decade has ushered in tremendous challenges for the airline business. Customers are more informed, they have more options, and they have higher expectations. What’s more, with more carriers offering lower fares, it’s more difficult than ever to retain your customers. So retaining current customers has become a high priority, but many airlines are struggling to create relevant and …