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AirAsia, LATAM Airlines and U-FLY Alliance on revenue management

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Efficient revenue management for airlines is more important than ever as LCCs, and increasing numbers of FSCs unbundle their fares to offer the lowest costs to travellers. With more ancillary revenue streams than ever before, and technology changing the way travel is bought and sold by airline websites, metasearch players and OTAs, it’s critical that you get it right if …


U-Fly Alliance: Showing HNA consolidation and LCC evolving partnership model

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China’s HNA Group is massive with more than 10 airline brands. Under China’s one route one airline policy, the group, though growing larger, still remains fragmented, with companies hardly stitching together to deliver synergies or at least to avoid competitive overlap. That has started to change with four HNA airlines forming the world’s first LCC alliance, the U-FLY Alliance, on …