Who made the greatest vaccines breakthrough in Asia?

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Prevention is better than cure, that is the basis of all public health care policy across the world. As the most populated continent in the world, Asia is the home to more than 4.2 billion people, where more than 1.6 billion of them living in tropical climate. Naturally, diseases which grow in this comfortable, warm and humid climate are highly prevalent in Asia.


Since early 2000s, the growth of economy and population in Asia attracted many multinational MNC to expand their focus into this untapped region. Bigpharma such as Sanofi, MSD, GSK, Novartis and many more have long set foot in Asia and set up R&D plants to investigate the best solution for government to cope with the prevailing diseases in the region. Among these companies, great vaccines to prevent against infectious diseases, such as dengue, H1N1, rotavirus, Hepatitis B, rabies, and many more have saved million of lives annually in the region.


To recognise and reward the great contribution of these great teams, we set up the Biopharma Industry Award Ceremony. This is an initiative by Terrapinn to encourage industry innovation and passion to better shape the global biopharmaceutical industry. We gather a panel of highly qualified judges to select finalists from nominees voted by the public, and release it out to the public for voting. There are 8 categories in 2016 to recognise the best achievers in the field of research, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, drug breakthrough and discovery, as well as leadership in the field. The result will be announced at the award ceremony, which is held in conjunction of the 9th BioPharma Asia Convention 2016 on the evening of 23rd March 2016.


For 2016’s Vaccine Breakthrough Award, Sanofi’s Dengvaxia(R), GSK’s Rotarix (R) and Rabipur (R), CECMED’s Heber-NASVAC, and MSD’s Rotateq(R) are the shortlisted finalists. I am sure that you have your own personal favorite, so please cast your vote now to support them, then join us at BioPharma Asia to see who wins and network with the leading players from Asia’s biopharmaceutical industry.

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