Managing issues in eClinical operation and design

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With the potential for speeding up results and improving success rates, pharma companies are excited to roll out eClinical methods in their clinical trials in the hope of fast tracking the long, tiring, trial process for ensuring the safety of drugs for human consumption. But how do pharma personnel make sure that it really helps in creating successful trial result? Does investing in eClinical solutions really help with ROI, or are pharmas just adopting them because their competitors have started looking into this emerging trial technique?


To make things even more complicated, clinical experts such as Dr. Ross Weaver, CEO of Clinical SCORE, an analytical benchmarking solution for clinical trials, “emphasized that study sites who experienced issues with eClinical software were also associated with clinical trials that yielded unsuccessful enrollment outcomes” (quoted from here). This may be a shocking statement for many in the field, especially since eClinical technologies are designed to boost operational performance.


To investigate the real effectiveness of eClinical tools and patient centric designs, we invited experts from Eisai, Sanofi Aventis, Marken, AbbVie, Daiichi-Sankyo, Roche, Reliance Life Sciences, Quintiles, Singapore SCRI, PRA,  UK NIHR, GSK, Catalent, Cadila, Takeda and many more to join you in this discussion to investigate the most optimal solution in helping you with your clinical trials. You will also hear from Jun Wang, former CEO of BGI and founder of iCarbonX, as well as Niven Narain, co-founder of BERG Pharma to talk about their insights on using AI for drug discovery and development process.

Do remember to check out our patient centric clinical design on Day 2 clinical trial track here to find out more.

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