5 minutes with Dr Subhadra Dravida, Founder and CEO of Transcell

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Transcell Biologics is an innovative biotech company focuses in anti-cancer treatment, neurological ailments and autoimmune disorder. The innovative, stem cell based biotech company is based in Hyderabad, India.

Ahead of this year’s BioPharma India 2016, we had the pleasure of grabbing a few minutes with its founder and CEO, Dr Subhadra Dravida.

What sparked the establishment of Transcell?
We hope to translate stem cell research into applications reality reaching the needy in India

How is Transcell going to disrupt the biotech industry in India?
Transcell leverages on it’s unique adult stem cell platforms to create next generation therapeutic and nontherapeutic applications in healthcare and drug discovery domains.

What’s the next promising pipeline which you are proud to share with our readers?
Transcell has been actively involved in boosting its internal R&D (research and development) pipeline since 2009 with novel stem cell formulations as integrated tools in modern medicine practice and discovery. The Company has had its first step of success in commercializing its home-grown donor stem cell repository products in the market in 2011 and has stepped up its service portfolio into the point of care segment. We have also been developing innovative patient derived, progenitor cell-based platform technologies for accelerating drug discovery in Oncology and Neurodegenerative disorders.

What do you enjoy the most founding and running Transcell?
The fact that I can fund and defend my own research towards productisations, a sense of commitment to kill myself in the game is what I enjoy founding and running Transcell.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who wish to look into starting a biotech company in India?
Unless it is your technology and you are prepared to fail, entrepreneurship in biotech industry is not an idea-based business pitch, but an intense practice by itself.

Find out more about Transcell from Dr Subhadra Dravida as she joins us at the 14th BioPharma India 2016 in Mumbai this 15-16 November 2016.

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