Managing partnerships in joint-venture settings- Talent management and other perspectives

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India suffers massive talent loss annually to developed economies which offer better benefits and recognition. Despite having a diverse population with many young people seeking employment, it is difficult to retain real talent to operate locally. So as a company operating locally, how can you recruit and retain talented individuals, and how can you work with the government to overcome this great challenge? From a joint-venture perspective, how do we manage talent and partnerships in India?

Atin Tomar, President, CPL Biologics

Atin Tomar, President, CPL Biologicals

Hear from Atin Tomar, President of CPL Biologicals, a young joint venture of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  with the US based vaccine company, Novavax. Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and commercialisation of vaccines, biologics and diagnostics for human health, Atin has comprehensive experience in process development, technology transfer and operations to business development, licensing and commercialization. With his extensive knowledge from early stage development to commercial manufacturing, Atin has extensive managerial experience working in both local and international pharma and biotech companies. At BioPharma India 2016, you can hear his thoughts on how Indian pharma companies can retain talent and  combat the allure of overseas work to build a sustainable innovative ecosystem in the country.

Atin is just one out of many amazing speakers who we have invited to share their views at BioPharma India 2016. Topics ranging from early R&D development, clinical trials and manufacturing, getting regulatory approval to marketing of drugs, there are so much to learn from this meeting in Mumbai this 15-16 November. Book now to enjoy the most cost savings.

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