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Rethinking Drug Discovery & Research Models in India

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Drug discovery is a high risk, high return business. Despite the intrinsic risks, pharma companies continue to invest heavily in R&D to improve the quality of life of patients in needs of treatment. While capital is important in R&D outcomes, innovation-based organisations need to understand the best model to adopt to speed up the process in bringing discoveries to useful commercial applications.

Quoting from an article written by Dr Subhrada Dravida, CEO of Transcell, a speaker of BioPharma India 2016, Mumbai , “there are two prime reasons to explore new research models in drug discovery, and these are: (i) the traditional pharma collection of small molecules contains compounds that lack the features commonly found in bioactive natural products that are known to function as the modulators of PPIs and signalling pathways;  and, (ii) in general, most pharma expertise resides in the classical drug discovery approaches with a focus on kinases, phosphatases and other enzymes.”

With that in mind, it is important to look into the way which R&D are planned in the business. From team building, collaboration models between academia and industry,  improving R&D efficiency is no longer just a matter of capital and resources but collaboration with research and academia institutions. We’ll be exploring this theme and more at BioPharma India this November 15-16 in Mumbai.

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