What are the differences in safety regulations when comparing Europe and Chinese industry?

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Drawing parallels between EU and Chinese safety regulations

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Needless to say, everyone within the industry is well aware of Asia’s potential in science and technology. But to understand more about the international perspective on expanding their business to Asia, we invite speakers from Asia and international market to provide a comprehensive overview of the global industry at BioPharma Asia Convention 2017, Singapore. One of the early confirmed international speakers …


Imugene’s therapeutic vaccines in treating gastric cancer

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Gastric cancer is one of the top causes of death in Asia. More than 50% of gastric cancer cases happen in East Asia, and as the 3rd most common cancer after breast and lung cancer, it is important to develop prevention method to prevent and cure this disease. Imugene (ASX: IMU) is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. …


Download NanoTemper’s whitepaper: Thermal Unfolding of Antibodies

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What is this whitepaper about? Comparison of nanoDSF and μDSC for thermal stability assessment during biopharmaceutical formulation development The assessment of thermal stability parameters of biologics is an integral part of formulation development in biopharmaceutical research. The ever growing number of biologics in the development pipelines worldwide demands rapid and precise methods to quickly screen large sets of conditions in …


Chinese Biomanufacturing: Building “me-better” products in the competitive “me-too” market

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Home to the largest population in the world and operating in a reimbursed environment, the humongous potential in the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry is impossible to ignore. But it’s also very competitive. At BioPharma Asia Convention 2017, we’ll be joined by leaders from innovation-driven biotech and pharma companies, as they share their strategies for surviving in the competitive Chinese market. Among …