Sustaining innovation-based biotech in the home of generics

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India is probably one of the world’s most successful generics markets. Despite all the scandals related to quality of the generics drugs supplied to developed market, the country still remains the home of low cost, high quality generics production. We interviewed Dr C.N. Ramchand, founder of several innovative companies including Saksin Lifesciences and MagGenome to seek his rationale of going generics despite the general advantage of India’s competitiveness in global generics industry.


Q: What inspired you to take a stand and go for innovation as opposed to going for generics?

Ramchand: No new biological entity is developed in India. We are looking into new biologics specifically FABs, fusion protein and monoclonal antibodies, looking into new therapeutic opportunities in India as well as in developing and developed countries. This is one of the reason we have gone for innovation as compared to going into generics.


Q: How do you sustain an innovation-based biotech company in India, a famously-known home of generics pharma products?

Ramchand:  We have a model in which collaboration and outsourcing by identifying the right people is important. The critical innovation part is done in-house with extremely competitive scientists, whereas development is outsourced on a cost- effective manner.


maggenome-logoQ: Do you outsource your operations to external parties? If yes, what are the key considerations when selecting your outsourcing partner? If no, why not?

Ramchand: We do outsource complete molecular characterisation (such as) Biochemical/Biophysical characterisation, pre-clinical studies, and clinical development to outsourcing partners. The key consideration would be scientific background of the company and expertise in the field, cost effectiveness.


Q: What is your next invention which will disrupt the biotech industry in India?

Ramchand: Unmet therapeutic area, novel biologics with improved efficacy.


Q:  What is your proudest moment working in Saksin lifesciences?saksin-logo

Ramchand: When we completed the proof of concept.


Q: What is your next plan or next destination to advance your companies?

Ramchand: Novel therapeutic molecules specifically FABS, fusion protein and monoclonal antibodies in unmet areas.


Dr Ramchand and his team at Saksin Lifesciences and MagGenome will be participating at the 10th BioPharma Asia Convention, Singapore 21-23 March and 14th BioPharma India 2016, Mumbai on 15-16 November along with other finest innovative biotech companies in Asia.



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