Moving towards genomics driven precision medicine in Asia

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Emerging technologies are disrupting every industry, with no exception to  biomedical industry in Asia. Early stage biotech companies including Strand Lifesciences are tapping onto this latest trend to provide innovative tools and strategies to improve how stakeholders work in the industry.

Vijay Chandru, Executive Chairman of Strand Lifescience joined us at the 14th BioPharma India, Mumbai on 15-16 November 2016. In case you miss out his presentation in the conference on his company’s latest innovation in genomics driven precision medicine, we provide you with a sharing of the other side of his story here for your reading.

Q: What inspired the establishment of Strand Life Sciences?
Chandru: To bring best-in-class computer science to build tools and solutions for the big data or analytics problems in data intensive life sciences (what is called the fourth paradigm of science). From our origins as a global leader in analytic tools, we pivoted into diagnostic services using genomics driven precision medicine.

Q: How is Strand Life Sciences different from its peers in India?
Chandru: Computer Science, Life Sciences and Clinical Practitioners all under one roof. We are the largest in size (250 employees) and have a highly skilled team of scientists (45 PhDs). An enviable gender balance (55% women employees).

Strand became the first and only laboratory for NGS based clinical diagnostics in South Asia to achieve both accreditation by CAP (College of American Pathologists) and by ISO 15189:2012 (as part of the NABL Nationally Accredited Bio Labs certification). Hence we are providing diagnostics services for patients in India that is absolutely world class and at a much higher and differentiated quality than our peers in India.

Q: What’s your proudest moment in running Strand Life Sciences?
Chandru: There have been two important watershed moments.
In 2008, we reached 30% of global market share in providing analytics platforms for gene expression and mass spectroscopy research labs around the world.
We recently completed our 5000th clinical report for a patient based on multi-gene panel test completed using NGS on their biological sample.

Q: What’s the next promising pipeline which you are proud to share with our readers?
Chandru: Strand will have a world class liquid biopsy test in the market soon for oncology patients everywhere. This will be a game changer in cancer care.

Q: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who wish to look into starting a biotech company in India?
Chandru: Entrepreneurship in India is not for the faint of heart and biotechnology entrepreneurship even more so.


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