Keynote speakers announced at BioPharma Asia Convention, Singapore

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In case you have missed it, the BioPharma Asia 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting event this 21-23 March in Singapore. With over 140 speakers, more than 600 delegates and approximately 1500 attendees already confirmed, we are proud to share with you some of the prominent key speakers who will be joining us in 2 weeks’ time.

Danny YeungThe future of healthcare: Genomics and its impact on patients, pharma, physicians and regulators

In the digital age, with technology changing so rapidly, how can we make sure that we are prepared for the future? Wearing many hats, Danny Yeung, CEO of Prenetics, who is also the Founding Partner of SXE Ventures, amongst other things, is a successful entrepreneur and investor in genomics and healthcare. In his opening address for BioPharma Asia 2017, he will share with you the most exciting trends, ideas and technologies driving the future of our industry, including practical advice on how you can future-proof your business.


Vitalik ButerinBlockchain meets Biopharma: How to prepare for the global data evolution

When you hear blockchain, you don’t necessarily think biopharmaceuticals. But the applications of blockchain can do so much more than digital currency. Besides increasing the efficiency of the drug development process with better security and transparency, blockchain also allows indelible recording of medicinal and genomic data to combat counterfeit pharmaceutical production and protect intellectual property. Be amazed by Vitalik Buterin, a 22 year old genius who co-founded Ethereum, an open source public based blockchain computing platform and is also a General Partner of Fenbushi Venture Capital specialises in investing in blockchain healthcare companies.


Suzanne BrewertonRedesigning healthcare system with genomics, technology driven drug discovery

Advances in next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies over the last decade are beginning to have an impact on the amount and depth of sequencing data available to researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. Suzanne Brewerto is Group Leader of Bioinformatics at Human Longevity, a company aiming to build the world’s most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes. She will share more about how their various drug discovery platforms are helping pharma companies to move towards the goal of creating personalised medicine for patients in need.



Carl FirthA real breakthrough story by an Asian biotech company: From idea to international success

Starting from nothing to million dollar successes, ASLAN, a Singapore biotech company founded in 2010 has expanded to Taiwan, China and Australia, developing oncology pipelines to treat global patients. Carl Firth, CEO and Founder of ASLAN will be interviewed by Ed Lane, Senior Editor of CNBC Singapore on stage at BioPharma Asia 2017 to share their success story and how they took their business international.



Atin TomarManaging partnership in cross culture partnership setting to promote innovation in Asia

Based in Ahmedabad, India, CPL Biologicals is a joint-venture biotechnology company established in 2009 by Novavax USA and Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of India’s largest privately held pharmaceutical companies. It is definitely exciting to manage differences in culture and expectations between partners, and can be particularly challenging to remain innovative in competitive generics market such as in India. Joining our Day 2 keynote panel is Atin Tomar, President  and CEO of CPL Biologicals, India who will share his views on how cross-culture partnerships can remain competitive as compared to their more established peers, whilst still   remaining innovative.


Rajesh KrishnaDriving clinical innovation from a big pharma perspective

A future-looking thinker working on applying emerging management literature on innovation and creativity to drug development solutions, Rajesh Krishna, Executive Director of Translational Pharmacology in MSD is on a mission in Singapore to start up an Asian innovation culture. With over 18 years’ experience in pharma industry and more than 40 successful IND filings throughout his career, he is an active advocate in promoting big pharma innovation. Rajesh will also be joining the keynote panel discussion to discuss how big pharma can avoid being “too-big-to-fail” and lead the industry to become more innovative.

Melinda Headshot 2016Real world initiatives to spearhead Asia pharma innovation

Melinda Richter, Head of JLABS of J&J Innovation is a real inspirational figure who spearheaded the foundation of JLABS and the Quick-fire challenge in Johnson & Johnson. Providing access to necessary facilities, educational programs and other enabling factors, early stage biotech companies get the opportunity to shine within the industry. The good news is Melinda and her team is joining us at Biopharma Asia this March, so grab this chance to speak with them if you have an interesting pipeline in need for mentorship, partnership and/or investment.


These are just a handful of more than 140 speakers confirmed to join us this March. Join us.

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