From Idea to Commercialisation: 10 minutes with Pradip Sinha

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University is a great source of innovation with huge potential to commercialise ideas to feasible products. To bring you true innovators at the 15th BioPharma India conference this 19-20 September, we reviewed all possible early stage biotech companies in India, including spinoff from India’s most reputable academic institutions and incubation centers. One of the shortlisted companies is InvivoD Solutions, a spin off from IIT Kanpur, one of the most prestigious academic institution in India. It is our pleasure to announce that Prof Pradip Sinha,  ‎Professor and Founder Head of Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering (BSBE) Department who is also the founder of an early stage start up, Invivo D is joining us this September. InvivoD is an early stage biotech company working on exciting cancer drug candidates with high potential to revolutionise the future of cancer therapy.

We asked Prof Pradip Sinha several questions before the conference to give you a quick preview on what you should expect to hear from him at Grand Hyatt Mumbai this September.


Q: What inspired the founding of InvivoD?


Sinha: As academicians,  we always face the challenge of finding translational end-points of our basic research.  Our research is focused on unraveling cancer mechanisms using a genetically highly tractable model organism, namely, the fruit fly, Drosophila.  InvivoD represents our  translation efforts in areas of cancer drug discovery and therapeutics, which are based on our own proprietary  inroads in fundamental cancer mechanisms.


Q: How is InvivoD going to disrupt the pharma industry in India?


Sinha: InvivoD  brings in a surprise package of a genetically engineered living organism, which bears tumors generated by mutations that are identical to those of human cancers. These customized in vivo models of cancers provide platform for cancer drug screen, determine toxicity and genetically resolve the challenges of poly-pharmacology, meaning interaction of drug molecules with multiple targets, which is a recurrent cause of their withdrawal from the market.  Further, as a live organism bearing tumor, the fly cancer models also display systemic effects of cancer, termed paraneoplasia, which adds to the morbidity in cancer patients accounting for nearly 20% of their mortality. Our model also offers therapeutic interventions for cancer paraneoplasia. In this regard, one of our ongoing effort is to find herbal remedies for a diverse set of cancer paraneoplasia.


Q: What type of company/investors would you like to meet at BioPharma India this year?

Sinha: We are interested in partnering with companies that are involved in cancer drug screen and offer services for validations, toxicity assessments and poly-pharmacology of candidate drugs. We are interested in investors who can add to our efforts in cancer drug screens and in finding herbal remedies for cancer paraneoplasia and in forging Industrial partnership


Q: Please give us a quick preview of what you will share with us at the conference


Sinha: I would provides a bird’s eye view of our  in vivo platform for screening cancer drugs and  herbal remedies for paraneoplasia.  I will also explain the areas of cooperation we can offer to other companies and the road-map for our industrial growth


Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a biotech company in India?


Sinha: The arts of innovation and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin. Interestingly, these  can be learnt and applied, too.  Finally, it is never too late to take the plunge.  Circumstances will only conspire to help one’s aspiration!


Prof Pradip Sinha is among the 50 confirmed speakers at the 15th BioPharma India 2017 in Grand Hyatt Mumbai this 19-20 September. Join us to learn from impactful India pharma leaders.

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