Cyca Oncosolutions- An India oncology drug delivery biotech company

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Bioentrepreneurship is not an easy path to take, especially in developing countries such as India with limited public financial support. Best described as a scientist, entrepreneur and motivator, Nusrat Jahan Sanghamitra, founder of Cyca OncoSolutions is committed to make a difference in people’s lives by her scientific and personal endeavors. Starting as a researcher with a mission ‘to find a better anticancer drug with fewer side effects’, the chemist by training, with a fascination for biology has decided to translate her ideas and research from bench to bedside, to make an impact in oncology and to make significant contribution to the global fight against cancer.
We invited Nusrat to join us at 15th Biopharma India in Mumbai this 19-20 September to share with us her company’s story and upcoming pipelines. Prior to the meeting we invited her to be interviewed to share with you her insights on some key issues closest to her heart, and how she is planning to overcome them with the help of her cofounders, partners and investors.


Q: What inspired the founding of CyCa Oncosolutions?
Deep pain felt by my father’s suffering through the symptoms of cancer and subsequent therapy led to fourteen years of scientific research across the globe at the intersection of chemistry, bionanotechnology and the cell biology and discovery of the CyCa delivery device. To translate this research from bench to bed side, to convert the personal passion from dream to tangible reality, CyCa OnCoSolutions was founded in March 2017.


Q: How is CyCa Oncosolutions going to disrupt the pharma industry in India?

CyCa OncoSolutions is committed to improve the quality of life of 15 million cancer patients worldwide by reducing the side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs by delivering the drugs right into the cells with our proprietary biomolecular machine, a high speed, high precision delivery vehicle. We have a ground breaking technology that employs a biomolecular machine to program live cells by delivering functional molecules as small as aspirin to as large as CRISPR-cas9. Our business model has a ‘patient-centric’ element into it. Our team is driven by personal passion. In a nutshell, we have a killer combination that is potentially disruptive!


Q: What type of company/investors would you like to meet at BioPharma India this year?
We would like to meet those pharma companies with a strong research portfolio of oncology and pharma companies with a business model that follows the cardizem story i.e to increase the life cycle of their drugs. Also, we would like to meet those investors who invest in early stage biotech companies


Q: Please give us a quick preview of what you will share with us at the conference

At the conference, we would be sharing our company profile, our core technology, upcoming product pipelines and our long-term vision.


Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a biotech company in India?

I do not believe in the concept of ‘entrpreneurship as a career or starting a biotech company’. To me, entrepreneurship is a way of life – it’s an attitude towards problems, the compassionate attitude of making a difference in people’s lives by solving their pain points! Entrepreneurs are creative and rebellious people. When that rebel nature is customized or constructively streamlined then that leads to innovation! Entrepreneurs are hustlers; they are restless souls who devise new solutions to old pain points. Neither the problem nor the solution has to be an earth shattering one, it can be as simple as finding a cab at the place or time of your wish or as difficult as finding a cure for cancer! Choose entrepreneurship to solve a problem!


Currently CyCa OncoSolutions is being accelerated at RebelBio accelerator programme run by SOSV, Cork, Ireland. Join Nusrat in Mumbai this September to find out more about her projects.


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