Highlight: OCT Therapies, an early stage stem cell therapy biotech in India

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You probably already know that we have a line up of near 20 early stage biotech speakers joining us at the 15th Biopharma India happening in Grand Hyatt Mumbai this 19-20 September. In this week’s update, we feature OCT Therapies, an exciting company working on stem cell therapies, to give you a preview before their presentation at the conference. Caroline Mathen, CEO and Co Founder of the company was first an academic, followed by research and currently as a Stem Cell Research pioneer. Caroline is especially interested in adult stem cells particularly as a tool for therapeutics and she will be representing OCT Therapies at Biopharma India conference this September.


Q: What inspired the founding of OCT Therapies?

Having gained extensive experience in cosmetic skin research and also cell culture techniques I was mulling the idea of putting it to therapeutic use when a chance suggestion by burns clinicians asking whether I could grow cells in petridishes which could aid in wound healing started me off on this exciting journey. The fact that it would be helping patients improve their quality of life as well as introducing affordable cutting edge technology spurred that decision.


Q: How is OCT Therapies going to disrupt the pharma industry in India?
We are developing a stem cell derived wound healing product – an intelligent off-the-shelf cell based product which will help in actual skin regeneration for burns (acute wounds) as well as non-healing ulcers (chronic wounds). This is going to be a game changer and interventional wound therapies will no longer be a passive activity but a proactive strategy to help achieve superior, aesthetic and optimal wound healing. Skin grafting will soon be a thing of the past.


Q: What type of company/investors would you like to meet at BioPharma India this year?
We are in the pre-clinical phase and we would like to attract investors with the depth and breadth of vision required to see us through a longer than usual gestation period. The products we are developing are going to be first-in-class and we stand a chance of having the first mover advantage. For eg we have already developed and commercialised a stem cell cosmetic hair serum – OCTT Hair serum which is a first in class hair regeneration serum.


Q: Please give us a quick preview of what you will share with us at the conference.
I will touch upon our journey and outline the scientific rationale and advantages of our stem cell wound healing product. I will present how our product will address the gap in current wound healing therapies.


Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a biotech company in India?
Stem cell therapy and translational work is still nascent in India. One should be ready for the long haul and be as self-reliant as possible. If your ideas have merit and you have the passion, impossible becomes nothing.


It’s 8 weeks to the 15th Biopharma India in Mumbai where we bring you over 300 attendees from India’s pharma industry to discuss latest trends and updates of the country’s bio- and pharma industry. Join us now!

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    She is a superstar, invest in OCT therapy as this is soon going to be the byword in medicinal research (stem cells).

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