Frank Jiang, Founder and CEO speaking at Phar-East 2018, Singapore, 28February-2 March 2018

5 minutes with Frank Jiang, founder of CStone, a Chinese immunotherapy biotech company

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Immunotherapy advancement is a global trend, but it’s also greatly impacting the future of pharma in Asia. To prepare for this week’s feature, we interviewed Dr Frank Jiang, CEO and founder of CStone, a Chinese biotech company focused on addressing the most important patient needs in China and beyond. With immuno-oncology as CStone’s core therapeutic focus, the company strives to lead Chinese research to the global market through its world class R&D team, its innovative portfolio, and an open innovation strategy.  The vote of confidence from the industry is apparent with the company’s recent success in securing a 150 million dollars funding in its series A fund raising.


Q: Please share with the story behind the foundation of CStone

Frank Jiang: To become globally recognized as the leading Chinese biotech company. We focus on clinical development, which is the bottleneck for innovative drug development in China. By being able to do clinical development better and faster, CStone is able to bring high quality drugs to patients faster.


Q: What’s the most challenging aspect running an early stage immunotherapy start up in China?

Frank Jiang: To build a  talented team and uphold MNC quality with start-up resources.


Q: What keeps you motivated everyday?

Frank Jiang: Every day goes by, I am getting closer to bring new hopes for our patients.


Q: What’s your proudest project in Cstone, and why?

Frank Jiang: All of our projects are designed to bring values to our patients and our front runner, PD-L1, is now in the clinical stage.


Q: What do you see as the future of immuno-oncology in Asia?

Frank Jiang: I see the combination therapy in IO will be the ultimate approach for cancer patients and I am very pleased that CStone is well positioned in bringing many combo forward.


Q: What’s your advise for young executive venturing into the field of biotechnology?

Frank Jiang: “Just do it”


Frank will represent CStone to join us at Phar-East 2018, happening in Singapore on 28Feb-2Mar 2018. Find out more about our line up of 120 speakers and other innovative immunotherapy companies by visiting our website here:


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