Case study: Areteon, Singaporean company working to solve the global AMR problem

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Drug-resistant microbial is one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. With the potential to cause nearly $100 trillion in damage to the world’s health and economy, the issue of infections untreatable by modern antibiotics is one that leaves many concerned and looking for solutions. But did you know a Singapore-based biotech company is part of effort to prevent this from happening to the world?

In this week’s highlight, and ahead of him joining us as a speaker at Phar East 2018, we interviewed Robin Low, CEO of Areteon for his insights in this area.

Q: Please give us a short introduction to Areteon

Robin Low: Areteon was incorporated in 2011 and is an innovative company holding a privileged position to expand globally with our anti-drug resistant molecule that treat infections of fungal, gram positive and gram negative microbial protecting human and animal’s health. It was established to fill-up a critical gap bridging research institutions with early-stage technologies, and animal health companies that constantly demand innovative, cost-effective, safe and efficacious  therapeutics products.


Q: What inspired the expansion of your drug development focus from animal health to human?

Robin Low:Our development effort from early discovery to full commercialization had revealed that this new organic non-antibiotic molecule has the potential to be delivered specifically as veterinary therapeutics for both companion animals and livestock though it originally targeted human bacterial diseases with multi-drug resistance.


Q: What is your proudest moment and achievement working in Areteon?
Robin Low:In 2017, we successfully launched several topical products incorporating the new molecule for pets and thus inspired us to return to its root by expanding our development from animal health to human in the field of dermatology.

My sweetest moment in Areteon happened, when we proved our vision by achieving total optimization of our dream molecule in term of perfect quality, significant efficacy, competitive cost and consistent reliability with high safety due to our conscientious work since 2012 to now.


Q: Who would you like to meet at Phar-East?
Robin Low: During Phar-East, we hope to reach out to a greater audience of customers, collaborators, partners, and distributors.


Robin is one of the 120 total speakers expecting to join us at Phar-East 2018. Find out more from our website:


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