[Whitepaper by Human Metabolome Technologies Inc.]: Metabolomics Opens New Doors: Cancer, Biomarker Discovery, and Microbiome

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Metabolomics Opens New Doors: Cancer, Biomarker Discovery, and Microbiome

Human Metabolome Technologies Inc. (herein after HMT) was born in 2003 as a start-up spun out of a Japanese University, Institute for Advanced Bio Science, Keio University. HMT is a listed, leading metabolomics company providing comprehensive and targeted metabolome analysis of blood, urine, cells, tissues, foods, and drinks by using capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry (CE-MS) and LC-MS.

Unlikely to conventional LC-MS or GC-MS, CE-MS does not separate compounds by affinity to columns but by each molecule’s ionic radius and charge by electrophoresis. Since the electrophoresis is performed in aqueous buffers, this system is suitable for hydrophilic compounds comparing to other MS platforms. More than 900 hydrophilic metabolites can be covered at once by the system.

Our high-sophisticated analysis platform is applied to many fields of studies such as:

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Elucidation of drug targets/efficacy/toxicity/tolerance
  • Characterization of energy metabolism of cancer
  • Metabolic profiling of enteric bacteria
  • Comparison of artificially/naturally differentiated cells
  • Optimization of fermentation/antibody production process
  • Examination of functional foods and their effects

Since foundation, HMT has experienced over 4,000 projects ordered from both academia and industries all the over the world, and dozens of papers published by our clients. One of our remarkable achievements is the plasma biomarker for major depressive disorder that has been patented, and is being prepared for clinical use.

Do feel free to contact us for any questions.

Person in Charge: Jun Tanaka (Mr.) / jtanaka@humanmetabolome.com

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