Capturing Value in a Fast-Paced, Disruptive Industry

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Nextech Invest Ltd. runs the world’s first late stage oncology fund. Founded in 1998, this investment firm raised more than USD 300 million and currently manages USD 220 million on oncology. Representing Nextech Invest is its founder & partner, Mr Alfred Scheidegger who will be giving a keynote presentation on How to Capture Value in a Fast-Paced, Disruptive Industry” at Phar-East 2018, Singapore.


Prior to him joining us, we interviewed Freddi to give you a quick preview of what you can expect from his talk this March.


Q: What do you look for in a biotech start up business?
Freddi: Requirements and skill set for drug development differ significantly from the ones for drug discovery. We invest in teams which have years of experience in (cancer) drug development and accomplished the build-up of a biotech firm. Secondly, science must be top-notch and mature enough to allow for validation, especially in view of its translational research potential. Thirdly, we invest together with financially strong, experienced and strategically aligned syndication partners.

Q: How is Nextech invest helping their start up investment to achieve greater commercial returns?
Freddi: We support our portfolio companies with access to our world-wide and deep network within the oncology industry and research. Our unique, seven-membered Scientific Board contributes to questions of and giving advice to scientific and drug development. We are active board members.


Q: What do you see as the future of healthcare & pharma industry?
Freddi: Biotech will continue increasingly to be the innovation engine upon which big Pharma is depending to nurture their product pipeline. We should expect high M&A activity. The unmatched and ever-increasing speed of scientific knowledge creation nurtures innovation. Patient access and recruitment to clinical development will be one challenge. The optimization of data capture, standards, and the integration, as well as the development of clinical-development models will be others. There is a potential for deregulation of drug approvals. Competition and drug efficacy will influence drug prices.

Q: What is your opinion of the immunotherapy/oncology/immuno-oncology landscape in Asia?
Freddi: We see a high innovation pace emerging, but the drug development experts with 10+ years of industry experience to conduct the clinical trials are a scarce resource still preeminent in the US and Europe.


Q: What is your advice for early stage biotech companies and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a business in biotech industry?
Freddi: Employ only the best-in-class people for the various disciplines and widen your international network aggressively – drugs are global from the first day on.


Q: Who do you want to meet at Phar-East 2018?
Freddi: Leaders in the industry with an interest in cooperation.


Mr Alfred Scheidegger is joined by over 120+ speakers at Phar-East 2018 on 28Feb-2 Mar 2018. Visit for more details.

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