Supreet Deshpande, Founder and Chairman of Novalead

NovaLead Pharma’s Supreet Deshpande on the art of repositioning drugs

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Inventing a new drug requires huge financial commitment and it’s a lengthy process until it reaches patients in need. However, discovering a new application of an already clinically-approved drug saves you both time and allows you to fully utilise the power of your existing arsenal. Since the original drug application has a known function and toxicity, drug repurposing saves time and …

Subhadra Dravida, Founder & CEO of Tran-Scell, an innovative biotech company in Hyderabad, India

5 minutes with Dr Subhadra Dravida, Founder and CEO of Transcell

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Transcell Biologics is an innovative biotech company focuses in anti-cancer treatment, neurological ailments and autoimmune disorder. The innovative, stem cell based biotech company is based in Hyderabad, India. Ahead of this year’s BioPharma India 2016, we had the pleasure of grabbing a few minutes with its founder and CEO, Dr Subhadra Dravida. What sparked the establishment of Transcell? We hope to translate stem …


Managing partnerships in joint-venture settings- Talent management and other perspectives

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India suffers massive talent loss annually to developed economies which offer better benefits and recognition. Despite having a diverse population with many young people seeking employment, it is difficult to retain real talent to operate locally. So as a company operating locally, how can you recruit and retain talented individuals, and how can you work with the government to overcome …


From “Make in India” to “Innovate in India”

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With affordable and increasingly skilled labour, and a growing commitment to strengthening IPR and infrastructure within the country, India is now transforming itself from an API and generics manufacturer to an innovation-driven manufacturing hub. Pitching Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign in the United States, Mr. Dilip Shanghvi, the promoter, founder and CEO of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, on …

13th Biopharma India 2015

Over 20% growth rate expected for India Pharma Industry in 2016

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Despite government price control, IP, and quality issues, India remains the 3rd largest biotechnology economy in the APAC region. It was reported that the pharmaceutical industry in India will create 134,000 new jobs in 2016, equivalent to 20% more hiring as compared to 2015 (Source: India Skills Report 2016). Experts also suggested that India’s pharma industry will likely be listed as one of …

NIHR CRN's white paper

UK’s clinical research network achieves 65 first global patients in 3 years

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Performance figures show that the UK is open for business The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network has reached a milestone in study set-up achievements by recruiting 65 first global patients in commercial studies in the last three years. With many clinical research studies recruiting patients simultaneously from all over the world, a “global first patient” is …


Managing issues in eClinical operation and design

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With the potential for speeding up results and improving success rates, pharma companies are excited to roll out eClinical methods in their clinical trials in the hope of fast tracking the long, tiring, trial process for ensuring the safety of drugs for human consumption. But how do pharma personnel make sure that it really helps in creating successful trial result? Does …

biopharma industry awards-dinner

Who made the greatest vaccines breakthrough in Asia?

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Prevention is better than cure, that is the basis of all public health care policy across the world. As the most populated continent in the world, Asia is the home to more than 4.2 billion people, where more than 1.6 billion of them living in tropical climate. Naturally, diseases which grow in this comfortable, warm and humid climate are highly …


Bringing antibodies from early development to clinic and beyond

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Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are inherently sensitive to handle. In an effort to improve the specificity of oncology treatment, many pharma and biotech worked on combining these MAbs with cytotoxins to kill cancer cells. While it is challenging to synthesis these Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) in lab, it is even harder to mass produce these macromolecules to run it through clinical trials …

Join us at BioPharma Asia Convention 2016
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3 key manufacturing takeaways you can expect from BioPharma Asia

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With Asia’s biopharma boom set to continue with impressive year-on-year growth, you can’t afford to ignore this lucrative market. BioPharma Asia Convention 2016 returns to Singapore, bringing you more content than ever before, offering you a truly one-stop shop for taking advantage of the region’s potential. We’re bringing you more speakers and sessions than ever before, discussing the latest trends and …