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CStone, OBI, Tessa Therapeutics & more join other immunotherapy leaders at Phar-East 2018

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In case you missed our email last week, we shared 8 fantastic immunotherapy experts confirmed to speak at Phar-East 2018, Singapore, taking place 28th February to 2nd March. Speaking on their latest work, these distinguished speakers from Asia pharma industry will share their experience, lessons learnt and future plans. First of all, we have Frank Jiang, CEO and founder of CStone. Recently …

PGT speaking at Phar-East 2018, Singapore

Biotech Highlight: Pacific Gene Tech (PGT)

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Pacific Gene Tech (PGT) is an Asian vaccine company developing and commercialising first and/or best-in-class vaccines for areas of high unmet or under-served needs in food safety and livestock animal health. While working on livestock diseases, they discovered that one of their proprietary platforms has broad cross-protection for both human and livestock industries. Led by an experienced management team and advised …

Carl Firth, CEO & Founder, ASLAN pharma, Singapore

Interviewing ASLAN, a leading Singapore biotech

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If you have been keeping a lookout for promising biotech companies in Asia to invest in, then you have probably heard about ASLAN, a Singapore based biotech company founded in 2010.  Dr Carl Firth, the CEO and founder and his team has worked tirelessly to build innovative therapeutic products focusing on treating patients in Asia, as well as several rare …

Left: Founder Dr Jane Cardosa
Center: Dr Uwe Schlokat
Right: Michelle Gan

Interview with Dr Uwe Schlokat, CEO of Sentinext Therapeutics

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Founded in 2008, Sentinext is a Malaysian biotech company which focuses on building innovative vaccines to protect Asia populations against infectious viral diseases. Using its proprietary Virus-like particle (VLP technology), Sentinext’s trademark project is to build vaccines for Hand foot mouth disease (HFMD), a highly prevalence infection among children in Asia. We have had the opportunity to interact with its CEO …

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Moving towards genomics driven precision medicine in Asia

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Emerging technologies are disrupting every industry, with no exception to  biomedical industry in Asia. Early stage biotech companies including Strand Lifesciences are tapping onto this latest trend to provide innovative tools and strategies to improve how stakeholders work in the industry. Vijay Chandru, Executive Chairman of Strand Lifescience joined us at the 14th BioPharma India, Mumbai on 15-16 November 2016. In case …

What are the differences in safety regulations when comparing Europe and Chinese industry?

 Image taken from Roche website

Drawing parallels between EU and Chinese safety regulations

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Needless to say, everyone within the industry is well aware of Asia’s potential in science and technology. But to understand more about the international perspective on expanding their business to Asia, we invite speakers from Asia and international market to provide a comprehensive overview of the global industry at BioPharma Asia Convention 2017, Singapore. One of the early confirmed international speakers …


Imugene’s therapeutic vaccines in treating gastric cancer

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Gastric cancer is one of the top causes of death in Asia. More than 50% of gastric cancer cases happen in East Asia, and as the 3rd most common cancer after breast and lung cancer, it is important to develop prevention method to prevent and cure this disease. Imugene (ASX: IMU) is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. …

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3 key manufacturing takeaways you can expect from BioPharma Asia

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With Asia’s biopharma boom set to continue with impressive year-on-year growth, you can’t afford to ignore this lucrative market. BioPharma Asia Convention 2016 returns to Singapore, bringing you more content than ever before, offering you a truly one-stop shop for taking advantage of the region’s potential. We’re bringing you more speakers and sessions than ever before, discussing the latest trends and …


Rare Disease patient advocates & Orphan drug developers joining BioPharma Asia 2016

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The World Orphan Drug Congress Asia is now a part of the 9th Biopharma Asia Convention. Pharma, government representatives and rare disorder patient advocates will now be gathered under the same roof to discuss on strategies to cater to the needs of minorities by building a more transparent orphan drug policies in Asia. Asia Pacific Alliance of Rare Disorders Organisations (APARDO), …

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Meet supply chain and trade regulation experts at BioPharma Asia Convention 2016

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The lack of coherent supply chain regulation and trade practices remains the major challenge for pharma supply chain personnel in Asia. To make sure that your approved biologics drugs can be distributed to your local destination, you need to meet the right regulators and experts to optimise your supply chain practices. That’s why you should join us at BioPharma Asia. …