Carl Firth, CEO & Founder, ASLAN pharma, Singapore

Interviewing ASLAN, a leading Singapore biotech

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If you have been keeping a lookout for promising biotech companies in Asia to invest in, then you have probably heard about ASLAN, a Singapore based biotech company founded in 2010.  Dr Carl Firth, the CEO and founder and his team has worked tirelessly to build innovative therapeutic products focusing on treating patients in Asia, as well as several rare …

NIH researchers working on tissue chips for better disease modelling

Tissue chips to enable successful drug development

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With the high levels of uncertainty when working on live animals and human models, it is unsurprising that approximately 30 percent of promising medications fail in human clinical trials because of their pharmacovigilance properties. Thus, eliminating adverse effects at the earlier stage of drug development process will save costs and time for sponsor companies investing in the research, enabling researchers …


CellProthera on regenerative medicine & global cardiac research

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for 17.3 million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030. Working on regenerative medicines to treat cardio diseases, CellProthera’s team aim to build a leading company in the field of regenerative medicine and put together every necessary effort to make …

Biopharma-Asia-2017 700x

Keynote speakers announced at BioPharma Asia Convention, Singapore

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In case you have missed it, the BioPharma Asia 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting event this 21-23 March in Singapore. With over 140 speakers, more than 600 delegates and approximately 1500 attendees already confirmed, we are proud to share with you some of the prominent key speakers who will be joining us in 2 weeks’ time. The future …


Chinese Biomanufacturing: Building “me-better” products in the competitive “me-too” market

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Home to the largest population in the world and operating in a reimbursed environment, the humongous potential in the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry is impossible to ignore. But it’s also very competitive. At BioPharma Asia Convention 2017, we’ll be joined by leaders from innovation-driven biotech and pharma companies, as they share their strategies for surviving in the competitive Chinese market. Among …


Finding global GMP-certified CMOs in China

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In-house biomanufacturing is costly. Besides the heavy infrastructure investment required, the need to efficiently manage talent, capacity, financial resources and quality often encourages pharma companies to consider outsourcing as an alternative. However,  despite the growing number of CMO and CDMO within China,  the availability of CMO providing high quality yet affordable services is lagging way behind the amount of demand within …

In photo: CTO of Biovalence Biotech, Mr EngHuan Ung

5 questions with Biovalence, a Malaysian biotech

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At BioPharma Asia 2017, we invite 40 Asia biotech companies to present their innovative offerings in our new Biotech Innovation track. Among the participating companies is BioValence, Malaysia. Prior to the event, we asked EngHung Ung, CTO of BioValence to give you a preview on what you will expect to hear from them at the event. Q: Who is Biovalence and how is it disrupting the …


Bringing antibodies from early development to clinic and beyond

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Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are inherently sensitive to handle. In an effort to improve the specificity of oncology treatment, many pharma and biotech worked on combining these MAbs with cytotoxins to kill cancer cells. While it is challenging to synthesis these Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) in lab, it is even harder to mass produce these macromolecules to run it through clinical trials …

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Top 5 reasons why you should join us at BioPharma Asia Convention

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As you know, clinical development is a critical but lengthy part of the drug development process, as it determines the efficacy of a drug candidate in treating disease. When it takes an average of 10-15 years to push a drug candidate from lab discovery to regulatory approval, it is absolutely critical for clinical personnel to understand the best way to …