Educated Guesses, Lofty Aspirations & Hard Realities: CellResearch Corp’s Ivor Lim on succeeding as a biotech in Asia

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The transition from bench research to bedside application seems very straightforward at first glance, but it is not until the first steps are taken that one realises the numerous hurdles that must be overcome in order to achieve this. At Phar-East 2018, we bring successful bio entrepreneurs, pharma executives, top investors and more together from across Asia to share their …

Frank Jiang, Founder and CEO speaking at Phar-East 2018, Singapore, 28February-2 March 2018

5 minutes with Frank Jiang, founder of CStone, a Chinese immunotherapy biotech company

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Immunotherapy advancement is a global trend, but it’s also greatly impacting the future of pharma in Asia. To prepare for this week’s feature, we interviewed Dr Frank Jiang, CEO and founder of CStone, a Chinese biotech company focused on addressing the most important patient needs in China and beyond. With immuno-oncology as CStone’s core therapeutic focus, the company strives to lead Chinese …