Capturing Value in a Fast-Paced, Disruptive Industry

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Nextech Invest Ltd. runs the world’s first late stage oncology fund. Founded in 1998, this investment firm raised more than USD 300 million and currently manages USD 220 million on oncology. Representing Nextech Invest is its founder & partner, Mr Alfred Scheidegger who will be giving a keynote presentation on How to Capture Value in a Fast-Paced, Disruptive Industry” at Phar-East 2018, Singapore. …

10 minutes with Marc Voigt, CEO of Immutep (Previously known as Prima Biomed)

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Prima Biomed was originally built on CVac, a therapeutic cancer vaccine. With its recent shift to embrace multiple products, the company has decided to rebrand itself to Immutep, named after a subsidy acquired in 2014. Leading the company is Marc Voigt, who will join us at Phar-East 2018 to speak about their vision of the next big immune checkpoint in the immunotherapy race. …

Bandana Sharan APAC biotech

India’s first dendritic cell therapy company: APAC Biotech

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If you have worked in India’s pharma industry, you’ll probably have heard about APAC Biotech before this article. The company is the first in India to work on this new exciting branch of cancer therapeutics: Dendritic Cell Therapy. They conducted the first trial in India on Autologous Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy for Refractory Cancer Treatment and were the first to receive …

top 8 immunotherapy companies

CStone, OBI, Tessa Therapeutics & more join other immunotherapy leaders at Phar-East 2018

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In case you missed our email last week, we shared 8 fantastic immunotherapy experts confirmed to speak at Phar-East 2018, Singapore, taking place 28th February to 2nd March. Speaking on their latest work, these distinguished speakers from Asia pharma industry will share their experience, lessons learnt and future plans. First of all, we have Frank Jiang, CEO and founder of CStone. Recently …

Frank Jiang, Founder and CEO speaking at Phar-East 2018, Singapore, 28February-2 March 2018

5 minutes with Frank Jiang, founder of CStone, a Chinese immunotherapy biotech company

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Immunotherapy advancement is a global trend, but it’s also greatly impacting the future of pharma in Asia. To prepare for this week’s feature, we interviewed Dr Frank Jiang, CEO and founder of CStone, a Chinese biotech company focused on addressing the most important patient needs in China and beyond. With immuno-oncology as CStone’s core therapeutic focus, the company strives to lead Chinese …