5 Questions with Nusrat Jahan Sanghamitra

Cyca Oncosolutions- An India oncology drug delivery biotech company

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Bioentrepreneurship is not an easy path to take, especially in developing countries such as India with limited public financial support. Best described as a scientist, entrepreneur and motivator, Nusrat Jahan Sanghamitra, founder of Cyca OncoSolutions is committed to make a difference in people’s lives by her scientific and personal endeavors. Starting as a researcher with a mission ‘to find a better anticancer …

Professor David Virshup (left) and Professor Alex Matter are the lead scientists working on a drug that holds out much hope for cancer patients- Image taken from Straits times

Interview with Dr Alex Matter, CEO Of Experimental Therapeutics Center A*STAR and an oncology expert

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Dr Alex Matter is no stranger oncology experts. Formerly the Global Head of Oncology Research at Novartis, he also played an important role in the success of several anticancer drugs, including Gleevec/Glivec® and more recently, Tasigna® and several other anticancer drugs as well as one HIV protease inhibitor (Reyataz®) that is marketed by another company. Ahead of Dr Matter joining us …

What are the differences in safety regulations when comparing Europe and Chinese industry?

 Image taken from Roche website

Drawing parallels between EU and Chinese safety regulations

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Needless to say, everyone within the industry is well aware of Asia’s potential in science and technology. But to understand more about the international perspective on expanding their business to Asia, we invite speakers from Asia and international market to provide a comprehensive overview of the global industry at BioPharma Asia Convention 2017, Singapore. One of the early confirmed international speakers …