Robin Low, CEO & Founder of Areteon, Singapore

Case study: Areteon, Singaporean company working to solve the global AMR problem

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Drug-resistant microbial is one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. With the potential to cause nearly $100 trillion in damage to the world’s health and economy, the issue of infections untreatable by modern antibiotics is one that leaves many concerned and looking for solutions. But did you know a Singapore-based biotech company is part of effort to prevent …

Carl Firth, CEO & Founder, ASLAN pharma, Singapore

Interviewing ASLAN, a leading Singapore biotech

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If you have been keeping a lookout for promising biotech companies in Asia to invest in, then you have probably heard about ASLAN, a Singapore based biotech company founded in 2010.  Dr Carl Firth, the CEO and founder and his team has worked tirelessly to build innovative therapeutic products focusing on treating patients in Asia, as well as several rare …

Biopharma-Asia-2017 700x

Keynote speakers announced at BioPharma Asia Convention, Singapore

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In case you have missed it, the BioPharma Asia 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting event this 21-23 March in Singapore. With over 140 speakers, more than 600 delegates and approximately 1500 attendees already confirmed, we are proud to share with you some of the prominent key speakers who will be joining us in 2 weeks’ time. The future …

Professor David Virshup (left) and Professor Alex Matter are the lead scientists working on a drug that holds out much hope for cancer patients- Image taken from Straits times

Interview with Dr Alex Matter, CEO Of Experimental Therapeutics Center A*STAR and an oncology expert

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Dr Alex Matter is no stranger oncology experts. Formerly the Global Head of Oncology Research at Novartis, he also played an important role in the success of several anticancer drugs, including Gleevec/Glivec® and more recently, Tasigna® and several other anticancer drugs as well as one HIV protease inhibitor (Reyataz®) that is marketed by another company. Ahead of Dr Matter joining us …